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The fast-fashion international brand gives you the look which serves your iconic style. LoveGen, the Indian brand is moving forward at a pace to make it largely global. The brand is known for its quality and design, which has made its place among the youth of Bangladesh. Eminently, the LoveGen headquarters in Uttara, Dhaka reflects the fashion aesthetic in its interior sense.

LoveGen was originally started by Bollywood celebs. However, having an interest in the textile business and fashion and with the view to branch out, Anurag Chauhan and Manish Chauhan became the founders and Don Sumdany the managing director of the brand in Bangladesh. The inspiration for the brand comes from European street fashion, essentially focusing on the youth generation. The sense of style, especially for the jeans line, has a worn out and rugged feel to it, with an essence of vintage fashion.

The idea is to make the brand global, by reaching the far-eastern, middle-eastern, eastern-European, European and American markets. LoveGen takes pride in its top-notch quality and flawless fitting, having researched the body shape of south-Asian people. The brand targets the youth generation. Hence, they have collaborated with the music world, because what else describes youth better than music and fashion? Influencing figures such as Xefer and Ridy Sheikh are brand ambassadors for it.

The office of LoveGen in Dhaka was designed by Anurag and Don themselves, keeping it in tune with the aesthetic of the brand. Taking an overall look at the office, it can be noticed that the interior is modern with a touch of traditional design.

They expressed that they wanted to acknowledge the South Asian history and hold up the culture in the interior design, keeping it up-to-date with modern times as well.

While fishing for interior items, they had a lucky find, which is an 80 to100-year-old vintage trunk. Similarly, there are antique hanging lamps, which have gotten rustic with age.

There was also an aspect of sustainability. For a sustainable approach, the interior was kept minimal but gorgeous; lights have been used sparingly and smartly, highlighting only the key areas, for instance, the clothes’ rack.

The office comprises several themes and arrangements of workspace and display.

All of which is unconstrained, ranging from formal to informal. A long ornamental, glass-topped table in the middle of the office, with velour chairs, is designated for team meetings. Moving to a corner next to it is an arrangement of two chairs with a vintage trunk set as a side table while a classic chandelier hangs above. The particular space is for Anurag, Manish and Don to brainstorm on the business.

Don Sumdany, Anurag Chauhan

The gorgeous food counter in classic Art Deco style provides a much-needed break in the ‘work’ ambience. The counter is decorated with an arrangement of planters, which softens the rigidness of the place. The counter is accompanied by a full-length ornamental mirror, making sure one catches a glimpse of themselves throughout the day; keeping it stylish while working. Beside the counter is a setup of white chairs for a group. The formal and vintage setup is usually where new projects are discussed with foreign clients. The space has antique accent pieces dispersed around – a large spotlight, a binocular and a wooden trunk.

Even the washroom area of LoveGen office was made in style. A grunge look has been given to it with some art definition. The acclaimed paintings come to life under the neon lights and dark textured walls. 

The highlight of the office is the enclosed yet open meeting room. The room has statement walls in teal green with some iconic paintings by the late artist, Maqbool Fida Husain. Three out of four of the paintings were dedicated to the Bollywood celeb, Madhuri Dixit. The room is enclosed in glass walls; hence it gives away the whole view of the office. The idea of the interior of LoveGen’s office was to inspire ideas and motivate a healthy work culture.

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