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A Modern and Contemporary Twist – Farooq’s Residence, Jamalpur Palli

Located in the capital’s Jamalpur Palli, the ‘Farooq’s Residence’ is meticulously designed by Architect Yasmin Ismail, Principal architect of 360 Degree Design Studio (360DDS). The project incorporates traditional rudiments while celebrating the beauty and minimalism of the contemporary design. In addition to contextual considerations for the soil, climate, and material, the interior further nurtures the living style of the residents.

Desiring to create an inclusive space that is comfortable for all the three-age group family members, the architect attempted to create a timeless luxury by combining modern and traditional elements. Speaking about the challenges of the project, the architect shared, “since we had to merge three small apartments, we have gone through several difficulties while removing the existing constructed interior walls. The rooms, toilets, balconies, and windows were small, so it was a challenge to bring ample amount of light air into the residence.”

The construction of the project began in November 2021, and after six months of execution, it was successfully handed over in April 2022. Entering the residence, one is welcomed into the formal foyer, with a staircase on the edge of the room leading to the upper floor. The unit floor is divided centrally. The southern section has a formal approach consisting of the formal living room and guest room, whereas the northern section comprises a family living room, dining area, and parents’ bedrooms. Ar. Yasmin shared, “the living room and dining area are both designed in a contemporary style. This is a classic way to bring a room together with luxurious simplicity.” Ascending the staircase, one might be fascinated with the exhibited traditional terracotta art pieces on the wall while the chandelier hanging above the staircase bring a modern flair to the space. The upper floor has a central semi-private room and two other functional bedrooms that face the eastern and southern apertures.

Sharing her vision in the field of architecture and design, Ar. Yasmin says, “Our vision is to make a space that alludes to art. We always create breathing space for our clients. Each space is a canvas for us.” The concept behind this residence is based upon the idea of creating a home that blends ancestral furniture with contemporary and subcontinental design.

The design includes contemporary home furnishings that are sleek and clean, and at the same time, it adorns traditional furniture pieces dating to ancient times.

The apartment belonging to Dr. Nusrat Farooq and her family can best be described as elegant and timeless, combining traditional and contemporary pieces. The furniture, textiles, color palettes, and decor in the traditionally designed bedrooms reflect history and culture. Materials such as brick, concrete, and wood were used as the main design components because they predominantly wanted to maintain the natural appearance of the surroundings. To eliminate monotony in the space, some vibrant hues such as green, blue, and red have been introduced in the color palette.

An interesting decor detail of the residence is evident in the client’s bedroom. As she wanted a traditional subcontinent to look in her bedroom, the architects introduced the rattan cane pattern to all cabinet shutters. A colorful door for her closet is installed to elevate the overall look. The modern-colored patterns, combined with the wooden textures, create a vibrant, expressive space.

Overall, this residence is a fusion of tradition and modernity, designed to serve it with all required functionality and endow the entire space with “the luxury of simplicity”.

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