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Simplified Luxe | United Kashbon Show Unit

Text by Sophy Ayman

Interior styling is a lifestyle solution for your spaces, using accessories and keeping in mind the client’s aesthetics, requirements and taste. An interior stylist is someone responsible for bringing the interior to an ‘individual style or uniqueness’ that is defined by the individual’s sense of style, what is expected from a certain space aesthetically, and how the space will be used. Interior stylist Zaima Abrar Sultana and her company Lilium by Zaima Abrar Sultana are the answer to your home styling issues.

Zaima has shown off her styling skills by styling the show unit for United Kashbon, located in United City, Satarkul, the new area that is still being developed.

A show unit is used to give potential homeowners an idea of what the apartment will look like once it has been properly decorated.

This gives them a sense of what it will look like in reality. The show unit at Kashbon has three bedrooms, three baths, a formal living room, dining space, kitchen and an informal living room.

The front door opens up to a foyer, painted a very soothing muted grey, created by putting up a half partition between the formal living space and the existing space; styled very simply with a small chair and table. Built onto the partition is a hidden shoebox that creates the illusion of a window seat. Along the wall is a delicate hand-painted white flower motif. The formal living space is made to look spacious due to the addition of a mirror backsplash, delicately framed with minor details where the mirror pieces are joined. The sofa is upholstered with a beautiful light cream fabric and accented with mauve upholstery for the ottoman and skirting for the side tables. A mid-sized round glass coffee table with decorative accessories finishes off the look. Details such as matching scones on the sides of the mirror, a pair of delicately painted floral lamps on the side tables, decorative knobs on the mirror, and a large decorative piece on the coffee table help tie the whole room together, giving it a cosy, yet luxurious feel.

 The master bedroom is kept very clutter-free and simple, with a sleek wood bed with muted beige accents, pillows and duvet, matching wood side tables with mirrors hanging above. A muted sea green chest of drawers with decorative knobs and a chaise lounge with a side table complete the room.

The second bedroom is designed with muted lavender, suitable for a young girl. There are pink curtains, a white bed and matching desk, and a rattan chair for the desk to contrast. There are small pops of yellow in the framed prints, giving off a youthful feel. The third room is a multi-functional room, a study or a library or a boy’s room. A day bed is pushed against the wall to open up the floor space. An elegant floor-to-ceiling custom-built bookcase in Oxford Blue is the room’s main attraction. The wall-mounted shelves provide plenty of book storage, counter space, and overhead storage. Bookshelves were moved away from the edge to make room for the study table in the middle. The study table was paired with a chic wicker chair to complement the painting depicting the picturesque streets of the city. The gold fixtures look like jewels atop the moody blue cabinetry. The dining space is kept beige and neutral with black cabinets and a black dinner wagon so it lifts the neutral base and makes it seem more luxe.

Zaima Abrar Sultana

The entire color palette is kept very neutral with muted greys, blues, purples, greens and beige to make it visually appealing to most people.

Zaima’s biggest challenge in styling the unit was the fact that there was no project brief as there is no specific client.

As a result, the styling had to be appealing to the majority of people. She was also able to incorporate her style into the design. This show unit styling is an expert way to showcase the aesthetic of an apartment to potential buyers, and it allowed Zaima the opportunity to show off her skills in interior styling.

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