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Boho Chic

Boho chic interior, best described, is soothing to the eyes; being soft and neutral in its colour palette. It has the rustic theme of farmhouse style and the hippie style of Bohemian décor, all within the bounds of minimalism. Boho chic decor holds an energetic aura in its rawness and vintage style, which reflects in these products below.

Rattan Chair

1. Rattan Chair – This modern Rattan lounge chair is a must have for boho chic décor. Handcrafted locally, the lightweight and durable accent chair is from Dhaka Cane. Price: 35,000 to 45,000 BDT

Mid-Century Modern Cabinet

2. Mid-Century Modern Cabinet – A sleek and minimal cabinet in mid-century modern style, versatile enough to cater to several type of interior design. Get this minimalistic cabinet from Bohu to enhance your boho chic décor. Price 4,320 BDT

Bolanburg Coffee Table

3. Bolanburg Coffee Table – The Bolanburg coffee table from Ashley Furniture Homestore is grounded in its look yet multifunctional. With mocha brown table top and whitewashed body, its sophistication is ideal for a rustic interior. Price: 98,255 BDT

Nest Side Table

4. Nest Side Table – The cane table in nest design is unique in its own form. This earthy colour side table from Interior Depot is modern with an elegant transparent look. Price 9,500 BDT

Tripod Floor Lamp

5. Tripod Floor Lamp – The beautiful minimalist tripod lamp from Interior Depot will steal the spotlight of any room. The sleek wooden base with an off-white lamp shade is great for boho chic and Nordic style décor. Price 10,500 BDT

Cane Stools

6. Cane Stools –These charming cane stools from Dhaka Cane are ideal additions to a bohemian style space. These decorative yet functional stools can be used as extra seating, and ottomans, or as side tables. Price: Short Stool- 5,000 to 7,000 BDT; Tall stool- 7,000 to 10,000 BDT

Boho Patch Area Rug

7. Boho Patch Area Rug – The 100% natural jute rug, hand braided, locally designed and crafted by skilled artisans is from Beni Boonon. The play of geometric patterns in the neutral colored rug is soothing to the eyes. Price 4,985-8,145 BDT

Macrame Lamp Shade

8. Macrame Lamp Shade – Macrame lamp shades are a beautiful way to accent a room, despite giving a minimalist look. Lights illuminating through the knots create mesmeric play of shadows. Get your hands on it from Jatra.  Price 3,000 BDT

Shawnalore Console Table

9. Shawnalore Console Table – Distinctive with a reclaimed sensibility, the sofa table from Ashley Furniture Homestore with whitewash and distressed finish is perfect for bohemian or farmhouse style décor. Price: 82,238 BDT

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