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Entrancing Accents

The diversified eye-catching accent pieces vouch to bring life to any living room space. An array of classic to contemporary pieces: accent chairs, centre pieces, mirror, etc.; one is sure to find a piece that fits their taste.

Persimmon Chair

Persimmon Chair– As cute and classy as can be, the Mid-Century Persimmon chair by Bohu knocks it out of the park with both charm and colour. Price: 38,500 BDT

Classic Bar Stool

Classic Bar Stool– From the lustrous brown antique-style metal finish to the durable faux leather seat, the artfully crafted wrought iron bar stool form Casa Divano is a classic look for contemporary homes. Price 80,000 BDT for pair

Escaping Mist

Escaping Mist– The modern accent pieces from Casa Divano mimics giant-sized metallic perfume bottles with fragrance escaping from it. Price 23,500 BDT

Golden Illusion

Golden Illusion– Penthouse Livings presenting sleek modern table lamp with crystal globes giving softer edges to the golden bars, paired with a minimal brown lamp shade. Price on request

The Last Supper

The Last Supper– Adapted from Leonardo da Vinci’s Renaissance masterpiece, this meticulously designed fine sculpture from Keepsake is a gorgeous work of art in its own right. The product was originated from Italy. Price: 24,880 BDT

Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst Mirror– Buoyant gold metal sunburst mirror from Penthouse Livings has a quirky twist as the starburst ends have little balls at the end. The gleaming mirror can add life to any corner. Price on request

Crimson Velour

Crimson Velour– The vertical tufted chair from Vanity Furniture boasting delicate stud detailing could make a fun addition to a living room as an accent piece. Price 35,000 BDT

Velvet Bar Stool

Velvet Bar Stool– Creating a bespoke look, the short-backed bar stool from Vanity Furniture is the epitome of refined luxury. Elegant velvet fabric, stud detailing, and button tufting fits beautifully into any setting. Price: 18,000 BDT

Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofa– The stunning royal blue Chesterfield sofa from Vanity Furniture is a modern take on a traditional Chesterfield. The velvety chunkiness of it, with the wooden legs, gives a Hollywood edge to it. Price: 90,000 BDT

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