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Pohela Boishakh Ensemble

Pohela Boishakh, that time of the year when we Bengalis get to rejoice in our tradition and culture. The celebration of it has expanded its horizon; now being celebrated both outside and indoors. To elevate our hospitality, curating our living space with traditional products on Pohela Boishakh is becoming the norm. Starting from Rickshaw art to Bengali Folk art, these shops have it all covered.

Floral Jute Mat

1. Floral Jute Mat- Find the goodness of pure Bangladeshi jute in this mat, while it being vibrant and colourful with floral motifs. Get this jute mat from Beni Boonon this Pohela Boishakh. Price: 645 BDT

Multicolour Hurricane Lamp

2. Multicolour Hurricane Lamp- A unique hurricane lamp from Obak adorned with Rickshaw art makes it a true Bengali interior accent to the core. Price: 990 BDT

Folk Bed Tray

3. Folk Bed Tray- A desi touch to a typically foreign product, the wooden tray from Jatra hand painted in Bengali folk art can be used to set juice glasses for Pohela Boishakh. Price: 4,200 BDT

Flamboyant Kettle

4. Flamboyant Kettle- The most fun kettle from Biskut Factory with an elephant trunk as a spout is not only unique but utterly edgy with Rickshaw Art on it. This can be a showstopper at any Bengali themed tea-party. Price: 1,000-3,500 BDT

Patchwork Ottoman

5. Patchwork Ottoman- The quirky ottoman from Jatra furnished with Nakshi Kantha stitched patchwork fabric, is a must have! The furniture can also be customized as per customers’ choice of color and fabric or even shape! Price: 24,000 BDT

Vibrant Shutter Mirror

6. Vibrant Shutter Mirror- As homely as it can get, this wooden mirror from Jatra is beautifully hand painted in Bengali folk art on its shutters, which can be shut to see the paint and opened to expose the mirror. Price: 2,199 BDT

Peacock Mirror

7. Peacock Mirror- Peacock is a common element in rickshaw art, but what makes it more the special is making a mirror out of it. Hang it on a wall or lean it in a corner, either way this mirror from Biskut Factory will make a lovely accent piece for Boishakh. Price: 1,500-2,500 BDT

Nakshi Jewelry Box

8. Nakshi Jewelry Box- Similar to a mini heritage trunk of olden days, the jewelry box from Khoyeri in brilliant colours can be both a decorative piece as well as a functional product. Price: 700 BDT

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