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Stylizing Your Terraces

  • Textured Plant Baskets
Textured Plant Baskets

Rolling texture and rich natural tones reign throughout this basket set from Beni Boonon collection.

Multicoloured Mat


Provide a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home with this multicoloured mat from Beni Boonon.

Classic Relaxing Chair

Relaxing Chair

This classic relaxing chair from Jatra is the perfect addition to your modern balcony.

Dazzling Light

Electrify your balcony with an artistic and beautifully light stand from Turkish Bazar.

A Comfy Chair

This comfy chair from Jatra is ideal for your balcony when you need some extra seating or charm.

Versatile Mat

Each of the mat pieces from Beni Boonon collection offer unique charms of a natural fiber construction.

Fancy Vase

This beautiful vase from Turkish Bazar is a perfect accent piece to stylize your balcony. It can be used to display dried floral arrangements.

A Bohemian Divan

This stunning diva from Jatra gives your terrace the extravagant style it deserves.

An Earthy Pot

Give your plants an earthy look with this pot from Chitro Brikkho

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