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Traditional Roots in Contemporary Essence – Deshal Flagship Store, Banani

Located at the heart of Banani, the flagship store of ‘Deshal’ crafted by maison’D Architects brings nostalgia to the traditional native land with its handwoven crafts while adding a hint of contemporary essence to the whole project. The project was introduced to the architects in November 2021 and within a short period of two months, the construction was carried out meticulously.

Entering the flagship store, the entire ambiance is evidently spectacular, with no impending walls or visual barriers. Starting from precise details to customized materials, every segment of the store has a vibrant aura. The store is divided into distinct sections – the main counter, the display zones varying in fabric diversity such as cotton, silk, and jamdani sarees, a jewelry section, and the bridal zone that features ‘alpona’ which is a representation of our rural wedding occasions. Although the zones are segmented according to product display, there is a visual connection throughout the entire space. In conversation with the Principal Architect of maison’D Architects, Talha Mahmud, states, “one of the main challenges in the project was incorporating raw materials and customizing them with an urban fusion to portray the essence of the entire space in a contemporary style. The store’s walls are covered with pigmented effects to give the impression of the earthen homes in our communities. Moreover, we have crafted the mannequins of the store. Our main concern was to accentuate the products and not impose light or heavy colors to overshadow the display. To make the products stand out to customers, a neutral color scheme was taken into consideration.

The flagship outlet of Deshal is one of the traditional designer stores in Bangladesh that is appreciated not only for its extensive product collection but also for its creative interiors encompassing Avant-garde inspirations, imperfect finishes, and vibrant colors. “The clients wanted a revival of their interior for their latest store to showcase their brand-new products for the customers – a store that serves an atmosphere of an exhibition gallery where the native culture and contemporary essence would exist parallelly,” shares Farhin Ashrafi, Partner Architect of maison’D Architects. “The word ‘Deshal’ which means ‘native’, struck a primary concept in our mind; moreover, for two decades I have been observing the brand and their products representing our traditional items with the texture of fabrics and materials that connect us to our native earth. Subsequently, the concept and design were molded by taking cues from the branding trends of ‘Deshal’ as well as drawing inspiration from the native, rural culture of Bangladesh. “Embracing imperfection was our motive”, continuing.

The uniqueness of the store is the inclusion of personalized materials that were specially designed by the firm in coherence with the brand’s aesthetic.

As the store represents a ‘deshi’ vibe in its interior, the vibrant cultural crafts and celebration of history, art, and tradition across the country have been highlighted.

The motifs used in the interior reflects the evolution of the country’s diverse rich cultural heritage and various clothing styles, which are also vibrant and ethnic. This décor adds a sense of timelessness to the overall space.

Photography By – Asif Salman, Rezwan Kobir, Aminul Islam

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