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Luxury At Its Ace

In the core of Dhaka’s vibrant Gulshan 01, a 5000-square-foot residence stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity, timeless design, and the fruitful collaboration between Nano Genesis and a trusting client. Constructed in 2016, this architectural marvel seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with traditional elements, creating a heaven that is not just a house but a reflection of the family’s values and lifestyle.

Responding to the client’s demand for a central multipurpose space with an open-plan floor, the architects introduced perforated sliding panels. These panels not only separate the service area from the main living space but also redefine these zones. The living room, adorned with local custom-made sofas and a meticulously designed center table, epitomizes elegance in a grey and beige palette.

The Center’s vision for the home was to incorporate normal spaces with rooms, enhancing dissemination for a utilitarian yet tastefully satisfying design agreeably. This yearning prompted the formation of a 5000-square-foot house that oozes an immortal current climate, embracing moderate components.

The success of this project is deeply rooted in the long-standing trust between the homeowners and architects. This trust allowed for a seamless collaboration, enabling the architects to translate the client’s vision into reality, creating a space that resonates with the family’s essence. To accommodate the joint family the architects seamlessly combined two typical apartments into one cohesive unit.

The living room, boasting large windows, offers panoramic views of Gulshan’s greenery and cityscape, enhancing the connection between the interior and the vibrant surroundings.

The interior design reflects a careful selection of materials and elements. ‘The Forest,’ a niche installation, defines a corner of the living room, adding an artistic touch. The dining room stands out with a fancy rustic sidewall illuminated by ceiling spotlights, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for family gatherings. Private spaces in the residence are equally thoughtfully designed. A vinyl-floored TV lounge near the master bedroom adds warmth, while a full-height featured headboard creates a walk-in closet for the master suite.

Corner-focused lighting projections allow for different moods within the space, creating a versatile and personalized atmosphere.

Even the bathrooms are not spared from the careful curation of design elements. Contemporary vanities with glass-partitioned shower enclosures evoke a subtle ambiance. Notably, all furniture in the apartment is crafted by quality local manufacturers, contributing to the authenticity and uniqueness of the space.

Founded in 2008 by Mashudur Rahman Fahim and Ishrat Zerin Hossain Mou, Nano Genesis is an established firm now. Linking urban and rural culture. The emphasis on climate, materials, and context—both human and natural—defines their approach, evident in projects ranging from small residences to mixed-use buildings.

The residence is not merely a house; it’s a combination of modernity with tradition and functionality with aesthetics.

Designs and interiors make a space more inviting and beautiful. But it’s always the people who turn the building into a home.

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