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Revelling in Neon- Dhaka Dreamin’, Uttara

Dhaka Dreamin’, is the new groovy staycation in town to get away to from the hectic life.

Especially in this pandemic, be it with friends or family, the place happens to be the ultimate zone to unwind and revel, through a stay over. With exclusive services provided, Dhaka Dreamin’ is more than a typical rental; it sure is a brand in itself.   

The concept of Dhaka Dreamin’ rooted from Rafeed Khan’s earlier days, when he enlisted his bedroom in Airbnb. As a student, studying abroad, he made just enough money needed for student’s accommodation through it, besides doing part time job. Returning to his country, he joined an IT firm where he came across foreign clients who frequently looked for convenient places to stay, especially near the airport. He grabbed that opportunity and started his own venture, Dhaka Dreamin’, along with his wife, Maheen Rahman.

Besides the couple having tight schedule, they managed to bring the abode to life within 2.5 months. They considered it as their own house; hence, while investing on the place, they did not compromise the quality or quantity. Rafeed and Maheen says, “We worked with few different vendors who made the entire collection of furniture in the house according to our incorporated design, dimension, and colours.” For ideas, the couple used their own creativity and inspiration from the internet to complete the entire process without the help of any expert or professional at all.

Rafeed and Maheen opted for minimal elegant designs but with different themes for each room.

Each corner evokes a distinctive feeling, yet harmonized enough to look cohesive.

They incorporated vibrant colors with cooler tones so that it helps the rooms look bigger and inviting, also implemented DIY ideas and products for the convenience of usage for the guests.

The lounge room being the life of the place has arrangements for both neon party lights or ambient ones for the guests to choose based on their mood. For a working mood, they kept dark colours and motivational quotes in the multipurpose room along with some unique lighting which compliment the lights of the projector. Additionally, the 3 bedrooms were distinctively decorated in bold colours with a statement wall.

Dhaka Dreamin’ currently with its exquisite packages is an ever expanding concept. Rafeed and Maheen are hopeful about the future projects of Dhaka Dreamin’. They plan to host events frequently, where limited people would be invited during these times of pandemic to have an entertaining time and enjoy their experience to the fullest in a close circle. The couple had already hosted a Champions League final match last month where the guests watched the game on the projector and had a blast playing a FIFA tournament in PS4. Furthermore, Rafeed states, “We already are in the talks to host some clothing exhibitions and might host some live music or stand-up comedy show to let people get the idea of hosting more events at Dhaka Dreamin’.”

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Abesh Mehjabeen

Being a “Lit.” graduate (pun intended), glorifying and analyzing, the small bits of life by writing, is precisely what I love best.

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