Architect Masudur Rahman Khan

  1. What is your opinion about the architecture scene of Bangladesh right now?

The developments in the field of architecture in Bangladesh have been immense. The architects are trying their best in their individual practices; with their contribution Bangladeshi architecture has become diversified, comprising reflections of contemporary architectural attributes, aesthetic and technologically advanced. And that’s why the reputation of Bangladeshi architects, both nationally and internationally is in a very good position.  We should always remember – without a good policy and planning a completely sound architecture can never be produced.

  1. What according to you is the future of the architecture in Bangladesh?

The immediate future of Bangladeshi architecture worries me, because there are so many new architectural schools. But increasing of quantity always gives us more options, experiences and creations. Ultimately by providing proper planning and program with good governance can reduce our unhealthy development. I think one day it will happen in our country and then the scenario of general architecture will be automatically improved. Some architects are trying a lot within these limitations to improve the future, and I hope that this number will increase in the future.

  1. A piece of advice for young architects who want to build a career in this field.

M y suggestion is not to search for money initially, rather for quality and proper architectural training. This may be difficult in the beginning but ultimately will help to hone your craft and will help to build a prosperous career in the future. My key advice is to take experience from the quantity but act according to the quality.

  1. A quote that you swear by.

Any good architectural design should have its own green and sustainable quality. It’s a prime consideration for any architectural work.


Architect Masudur Rahman Khan is known for designing some of the most significant structures such as the Internatinal Mother Language Institute, Bangladesh computer council and the Mausoleum Complex of former President Ziaur Rahman. He is also famous for the renovation and the remodeling of the Bangabandhu Stadium and Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium.

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