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Architect Tanzim Hasan Selim

  1. What is your opinion about the architecture scene of Bangladesh right now?

Architecture is an everchanging landscape both in terms of conceptual position and physical/ built reality. Bangladesh has a rich history of archeological emblems and has important works of modern architecture as well. Bangladesh boasts some finest pieces of modern architecture. What we see today is the intellectual aptitude manifested through projects of varying scale and types. There is a dominant expression of residential apartment blocks & commercial buildings from middle class to luxury blocks, highlighting material, space, climate and functionality.

  1. What according to you is the future of the architecture scene in Bangladesh?

Much has to be done in terms of city planning, management and undoubtably the vital issue of transportation management has to be strategically implemented at the earliest. Also plans to build mass housing affordable to different income groups is utmost essential to our current situation. Our urban amenities rarely satisfy to what modern cities are experiencing and enjoying. architecture is not a superficial experience, it is deeply rooted to the very existence. Having said that, now what we observe is the very outcome of individual and collective effort towards a very competitive scenario. But I would also strongly suggest to start implementing urban infra structures through thoughtful foreseeing to overcome the challenges posed by our own growth.

  1. A piece of advice for young architects who want to build a career in this field.

Young architects should find their own space in this wonderful field. Some can go through academics or become practicing architects or may be both at a time. In whatever position they are serving, they are serving the society in one way or other which is eventual. But an architect takes a leap further to the unchartered. Then he enjoys his work and this is importantly essential. Passion is deeper than love and architects can live their passion when they love doing what they best like.

  1. A quote that you swear by

It is truly courageous to be humble


About Architect

Architect Tanzim Hasan Selim is the Principal Architect of architectural firm DWG (Design Works Group).  Their works focus on contemporary designs with functional aesthetics that is contextual, contemplative and progressive. He is the architect of the Liberation War Museum in Agargaon.


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