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Immersed in Abundant Verdure

Taking inspiration from the previous industrial neighborhood, the restaurant has been designed as a contemporary industrial-themed hangout space with lush greenery on the rooftop of the Impetus Center Landmark.

The staggered terraces on different levels creates vistas, and green patches are connecting dots, ascend with rhythm of the terraces.

The Impetus Center Landmark, thriving in the Tejgaon Industrial Area, with a sturdy impressive structure, softened by the lush landscape. The architectural consultant is Synthesis Architects Ltd., Patrick D’Rozario and Selim Altaf Biplob being the principal architects. The project architects are A K M Tanvir Hassan, Khairun Nahar Majlish and Manifa Rehnuma. The landscape consultant is And ORDEN, led by Manifa Rehnuma. As it is situated in an industrial area, it is given that the whole neighborhood has a repetitive look to it. Standing amid the monotonous view, is the Impetus Center Landmark, with its lush landscaping.

The idea that nature is also infrastructure isn’t new. But it’s now more widely understood to be true. Landscape architecture involves the planning, designing, management, and nurturing of the built and natural environments. With cities rapidly taking face of industrialism, greenery seems to be disappearing with it. Landscaping is a great initiative to sustainability, as well as providing an immersive verdure. It provides an added beauty to the concreteness of building structure. It improves human and environmental health in all communities, besides the beauty factor of it.

Impetus Lounge is the highlight of the building for its landscaping. The lounge offers both, indoor air-conditioned sitting area along with a pool side sitting zone. The quirky lounge guides through the slanted corridor and opens into a terrace, where a dramatic staircase leads to the rooftop; the journey creates an anticipation of enjoyment. The gray is the monolithic tone of the building. The yellow tinge on the roof has brought playfulness to the restaurant, while having a hideout and openness. The native plants with different color and texture of leaves has created serene backdrops.

The night life is as enchanting as the diurnal active spree.

The amber ambience accentuates the yellow ceiling with a cozy atmosphere.

The ceiling lines continue into the pavement patterns only visible to the observers who are sitting and enjoying their food on the mezzanine floor of the restaurant. Meticulous details from the clay pottery, the 3d frames on the walls, gravels connected the whole space in a single thread. The brief spaces with a touch of different textures of green gives the diners a moving experience. Sitting underneath the Hijol trees, the Elephant ear plants behind the infinity line of the pool are the reminiscence of the lucid landscape of Bangladesh. These plants have been selected carefully along with Nayantara, Modhumonjori, Aporajita, Nil Parul, Lemon grass, ferns and Birds of Paradise.

Plants take over the rooftop and different levels of the Impetus Center Landmark, without being overwhelming. Lush greeneries surround the rooftop harmoniously. Plants rim the lounge, and the landscape outside is clearly visible through the wall to wall window. Apart from that, pillared elevated row runs like an arc on the rooftop.  Shrubs planted all over the row have curtain creepers descending from it, which feels soothing to the eyes. The designing team had curated the space for people to take in the environment and feel calmness of the mind. During the day, the natural ambient light plays differently at each time of the day. The golden hour can be encountered from such a great height.

Soft breeze waves in and out, while one can hear the leaves rustle with it.

Manifa Rehnuma

Architect Profile

Manifa Rehnuma, a Landscape Architect who conferred Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) at BUET and completed her Masters of Landscape Architecture (MLA) at UPM, Malaysia. The firm And ORDEN was established in 2011 by Manifa Rehnuma, Nahid Akram, and A K M Tanvir Hassan as advisor.

And ORDEN is a collaborative platform of Landscape architecture, architecture, and urban planning. Manifa Rehnuma is the managing partner and a landscape architect.

The firm won the 27th J K Cement Young Architect of the Year Award (Foreign category) in 2018 for Mohorpara Mosque in Narsighdi. They were also shortlisted for Abdul Latif Al Fozan Award (3rd cycle 2017-2019).

And ORDEN believes in the essence of a place as the key feature of their project’s spirit. Currently, the firm is involved in a myriad scale of projects- from Sacred Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and planning of public spaces, and roads and highways.

Photography by Noufel Sharif Sojol, Raihan Sayeem

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