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A Celebration of Space between Multitude & Metropolis

Virtually the whole Rajshahi district is laced and criss-crossed by the river Padma and its tributaries. However, the city is expanding north and going through rapid urbanization. There is a growing demand for a cultural heart or space that reflects the essence of the city to its’ citizens and tourists is seen as a need in a modern city.

Location of the project is about 300 meters distant from Vodra Mor, a significant city center node in Rajshahi City and the most prominent zones surrounding are Residential, Commercial, Mixed-Use and Educational.

The approach to achieve the project aim is based on an in-depth study of the context of Rajshahi, architectural styles, culture, heritage and an overall understanding of the spirit of Rajshahi.

Pukur/tank in Rajshahi’s old town is a significant contributor to the figure-ground pattern and evolved into a space for social interaction that evolved as a result of its climate and sociocultural necessities. Reflecting this spirit of Rajshahi on the existing waterbody of the site to revive the traditional community gathering character.

The Conceptual framework started with emphasizing the surrounding land use to dictate the zoning and direction of circulation. The masterplan developed in a grid format surrounding the waterbody. Two large plaza is designed on the both entrances to give the citizens a recreational ground that can be enjoyed separately on a daily basis. Developing a water centric recreational space for the people of Rajshahi to enjoy. The total solid-void ratio was developed respecting the existing ratio of 60%-40% of Rajshahi city. Spatial arrangement was maintained to reflect the pattern of both old and new city of Rajshahi so that the city as a whole can relate to the spaces and enjoy it.

The fundamental purpose of this project was to create an architecture that interacts with its’ people, reminds them about their heritage and roots, adds a value to the life of the citizens and lastly but not the least instead of designing a timeless architecture, this project was designed as an architecture for the moment.

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