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In the busy area of Motijheel, nestled within the bustling energy of a brick manufacturing hub—Stone Bricks Limited Sales Office. Rabiul Ahsan is the Managing Director of the company, the office represents the outlook of bricks and stands as a beacon of innovation in optimizing limited space.

The Stone Bricks Limited Sales Office, designed by Tapon Kanti Sarker and executed under the keen eye of Project Architect Md. Mithu Hossain from 3 Points Consultant firm is a marvel of modern workspace design. Commencing its construction journey in August 2022, the project was completed within a mere three months, concluding in November 2022. This swift execution showcases not only the efficiency of the design team but also their ability to transform a challenge into an opportunity.

The limited and tight space of approximately 850 square feet and the aging structure that had stood for over 60 years. Despite these obstacles, the team embraced the constraints as catalysts for creativity. The result is commendable in that effortlessly blends functionality and aesthetics within the confines of a compact footprint.

Stone Bricks Limited had specific requirements for their sales office: workstations for 14 executives, a manager’s space, a medium-sized conference room, a store room, a tea room, and a reception with a waiting area. The design team not only met but exceeded these expectations by creating an open working space adorned with north light and views of the nearby playfield of the Bangladesh Football Federation.

The core concept driving the Stone Bricks Limited Sales Office is to craft a comfortable and functional working environment within a confined space. The use of bricks as partition walls not only maximizes space but also reflects the dignity and detailing that define the gravity of the workspace. The concept revolves around creating a harmonious blend of utility and aesthetics.

The layout of the office is meticulously crafted to integrate an open working space with abundant north light, offering a refreshing view of the adjacent playfield. The reception area sets the tone with expressive brick detailing that continues throughout the office space. Workstations, manager space, and a conference room seamlessly coexist in this spatial dance, delivering both utility and aesthetic pleasure. Brick, board, and metal take center stage as the prime construction materials, echoing the essence of the company itself. While the exterior facade treatment details remain undisclosed, the focus on brick bonding and the expression of brick facade within the interiors adds a distinctive touch of sophistication.

The detailing of brick bonding and the expressive use of brick facade emerge as standout features, adding layers of visual interest to the office space. These details not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also underscore the commitment to craftsmanship embedded in every inch of the Stone Bricks Limited Sales Office.

 Stone Bricks Limited Sales Office is not just a workspace; it’s a testament to design prowess, a celebration of overcoming challenges, and a harmonious blend of form and function. This project redefines the possibilities of workspace design, proving that innovation can flourish even within the confines of limited space.

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