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Whispers Of Dream

Ruhul Amin Tarek, a distinguished artist born in the culturally rich region of Sunamganj, Bangladesh, stands at the intersection of realism and profound artistic evolution. Tarek’s journey as an artist is a testament to his commitment to exploring the delicate balance between light and shade, figure, and overall composition.

Commencing his career as a realist printmaker, Tarek’s artistic metamorphosis has been a gradual refinement over time. His canvas now embraces new-fangled compositions and a diverse array of objects, reflecting a deep understanding of the interplay between the inner and external movements of life. Tarek’s artistic prowess is particularly evident in his ability to capture the inherent strength and power of humanity, a theme that takes center stage in his upcoming exhibition.

Notably, Tarek is not only an artist but also a singer, drawing inspiration from the soul-stirring Baul songs of Bangladesh. His connection with London-based Sylheti Baul Qwari Amiruddin has significantly influenced his artistic vision, infusing it with both musical and philosophical nuances. This amalgamation of art and music creates a unique tapestry that defines Tarek’s distinctive approach.

Tarek’s proficiency in printmaking, especially woodcutting, is a testament to his dedication to a medium that demands both time and technical precision.

Describing woodcutting as a “passive medium,” he acknowledges the meticulous effort required, emphasizing the importance of registration in pure printmaking. A single misstep in this intricate process can jeopardize the entire painting, underscoring the delicate dance between skill and patience that defines Tarek’s art.

The artist is currently immersed in a printmaking series titled “Awakening,” a project that promises to be a testament to his evolving artistic narrative. This endeavor, sponsored by the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, exemplifies Tarek’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of his creativity.

Awards have adorned Tarek’s journey, marking his contributions to the art world. The 21st and 22nd National Art Exhibitions in 2015 and 2017 bestowed upon him the Honorable Mention Award, a recognition of his nuanced approach to composition. The Young Printmaker Award in the same year, presented by the Kibria Print Fair Organization Committee and Dhaka Art Center, further solidified his standing as a trailblazer in the realm of printmaking.

 The artist said, Pronab Banik, a signboard painter in his locality, serves as his first art teacher and the wellspring of inspiration.

It is a testament to the grassroots origins of artistic inspiration, highlighting the importance of mentorship and the impact of individuals who fuel creative aspirations.

Tarek’s aspirations extend beyond his artistic pursuits. Expressing a deep desire to contribute to a national art museum, he envisions a legacy that transcends his accomplishments. This vision aligns with his appreciation and inspiration drawn from the eminent artist Rafiqun Nabi, reflecting the communal spirit that characterizes the world of art.

Woodcutting, Tarek’s forte, is a labor-intensive process that demands unwavering dedication. It takes a staggering 1 to 1.5 years to complete a single painting, emphasizing the meticulous nature of his craft. This prolonged gestation period speaks to the deliberation and precision Tarek invests in each piece, turning every artwork into a labor of love and patience.

Ruhul Amin Tarek emerges not only as an artist but as a storyteller, weaving narratives that transcend the canvas. His journey from a realist printmaker to an artist exploring the nuances of humanity reflects an evolution marked by dedication, inspiration, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. As Tarek’s paintings continue to grace galleries and exhibitions, they serve as a testament to the enduring power of art to capture the essence of the human experience.

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