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Eclectic Elegance

Nestled in the heart of Banani, the mesmerizing abode is crafted by interior architecture firm Arutaas Design and Development Founded by IAr. Arupa Dutta and IAr. Fazana Kabir. The residence interior exudes an aura of tranquility and sophistication, merging the essence of tropical tradition and modernism.

Upon entering, a grand living room greets visitors, divided into two sections under the watchful gaze of an exquisite chandelier. The obstacle of pillars, once potentially disruptive, now stands transformed into elegant design elements, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The entire interior seamlessly weaves warmth and earthiness into its ambiance, creating an inviting atmosphere that resonates with comfort. The theme ‘tropical tradition and modernism’ finds expression in every corner. From the meticulously curated patterns to the tasteful infusion of natural elements, this residence encapsulates a harmonious blend of simplicity and uniqueness. The four bedrooms each carry their own distinct character while adhering to the overarching theme, ensuring a cohesive yet diverse experience. One of the highlights undoubtedly lies in the exquisite study – a space that beckons creativity and quiet contemplation. However, stealing the limelight is the dressing table adorned with intricately handcrafted flowers, adding a touch of personalized elegance. In this residence, even practicality is elevated to an art form. A unique shoe rack stands as a testament to aesthetics and purpose.

The interior of this abode goes beyond the ordinary, transforming challenges into design triumphs and embodying the essence of tropical tradition and modernism. It stands as an inspiring testament to how architecture not only solves design obstacles but transforms them into unique harm.

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