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Text by Ferdoushi Hossain Suhi

Awake Coffee Roasters is a new Coffee Roasting Company in the city that intends to provide its customers the ‘Awakening Experience’ into the exciting world of coffee and take them into the journey of brewed aroma. Navid Rubaiyat Hasan, (Chef, Coffee Roaster and Entrepreneur) and Farzina Amin, Restaurateur, and Ex-Army officer (Lieutenant) began the journey with the inauguration of Awake on 16th December 2020 with this simple concept of creating a sense of community around the coffee roasting company, where the café plays a pivotal role for connecting people from various aspect.

Awake is stationed in the inner part of the Bashundhara Residential area, a location that was particularly chosen because of the openness of the surrounding area which helps people relax, unwind from the busy life and enjoy a brief moment of bliss. This location was ideal for the communal aspect desired to be created centered around the cafe. The architectural design is conceptualized and executed by the owners themselves with the help of a professional architect team. The owners’ involvement in the design was a significant aspect as it ensured the proper portrayal of their vision and just not another copy. The owner had their very own unique concept envisioned in their mind which the architect, Emon Mahbub, delivered with their constant involvement in the design process. For example, the live roasting area, the extended coffee bar, or the experience bar (still to be launched) are distinctive features of Awake which are rarely observed in any other café. One can say that the owners saw to each detail of the design that would perfect their dream cafe into reality.

Not only the cafe serves different types of delicious, fragrant coffee, refreshing drinks, divine desserts, and flavorsome snacks but it also offers customized blends of roasted coffee beans, adding another special feature to its name. Moreover, Awake has its in-house bakery to take orders of celebration cake. Various single-origin beans with different tasting notes and flavours are also available along with cupping sessions and barista training that is alluring more customers and gradually turning the cafe into a regular go-to place for many.

The coffee industry is an infant industry and café culture is relatively very new in our country. And there is a big knowledge gap among consumers, baristas, and café owners when it comes to the actual coffee itself. Awake, as the name suggests, means a state of consciousness and is working towards creating that connecting bridge with awakening and awareness about the art of brewing. The cafe trusts that the exchange of knowledge and communication will guide the consumers in making better decisions about their choice of caffeine and the barista can create a more refined experience which ultimately will assist to run successful operations for the café owners. Although Awake is just at the initial stage of its journey, it has already received a great response from visitors and tremendous positive feedback. It has a long road ahead to reach its target and it will achieve its aimed future goal for the coffee industry with its progressive concept and service. The cafe is all set to continue its odyssey with full gusto.

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