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A Colorful Adventure

In the lively streets of Panthapath, Dhaka, an outstanding office space can be found that catches the eye – Journey by Air. Owned by Shahrier Hasan Aulin, this amazing office space is of course more than just a place to book your travels, it’s a great blend of practicality and charm. This colorful space went through a quick makeover, starting in November 2023 and wrapping up in just three weeks. 3 points consultant is the architectural firm and the principle architect is Tapon kanti Sarker.

Designing this space wasn’t without its challenges. Large columns and beams initially led to a challenge to creating an open layout. Plus, there were the worn-out ceilings and tired floor tiles to contend with. But with a vision in mind, the team pressed onward.

The client’s wish list was clear: room for three executives, a space for the managing director, a cozy waiting area, and of course, a spot for a tea break. Simple yet essential.

So, what’s the theme? It’s all about the openness, natural light, and bursts of color that scream “travel agency.” Yes, an awesome layout can be found that flows coherently. A welcoming waiting area is also there to greet at the entrance, where visitors can chat with counselors.

And the MD’s room? Transparent and open, symbolizes transparency and trust stimulating honesty and connection. And don’t miss the digital mural by artist Reesham Shahab Tirtho – a sprightly touch that adds personality. It’s literally the cherry on top, adding flair and character to the space. The materials are nothing fancy – just boards, colors, glass, and PVC floor tiles. But when put together, they create a space that’s both functional and inviting. And let’s not forget the little details.

. Well, that digital mural is basically a conversation starter, an art that adds soul to the space which is a great piece of creativity and imagination. Journey by Air isn’t only about booking flights, it offers you a taste of a colorful journey. With its blend of practical design and artistic flair, it’s a space where functionality meets beauty.

So next time you’re in Panthapath, be sure to stop by. Who knows? Your next adventure might just begin here!

The atmosphere is welcoming, with a touch of creativity in every corner. It’s an office where clients feel comfortable discussing their travel plans, and employees feel inspired to help make those plans a reality. Indeed, a great place of inspiration and teamwork.

Every detail, from the lively colors to the transparent layout, is designed to make everyone feel at ease. It extends beyond mere office walls, it’s where explorations commence – both on the map and in the heart. And the start of countless adventures!

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