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In the busy area of Basundhara a meticulously design office called Sekandar Group is situated. Sekandar Group’s office is a study in thoughtful design, embracing a contemporary approach that caters to modern aesthetics.  Arch Concept, led by the founding architect Faysalur Rahman, has orchestrated a satisfaction in interior design in the form of Sekandar Group’s new office. This project not only showcases a cutting-edge interior design but also exemplifies the unique principles embraced by the firm. Arch Concept’s principal-in-charge concept ensures that each project receives a distinctive touch of executive brilliance.

 This approach is evident in the office interior for Sekandar Group where it transcends traditional boundaries, fostering collaboration across divisions and providing valuable insights that shape and structure projects for optimal functionality, cost-effectiveness, and overall success. From the initiating on February 5, 2023, to the grand unveiling on June 12, 2023, the journey of creating Sekandar Group’s office was a testament to the dedication of Arch Concept. Overcoming challenges like the unconventional inner space shape and site conditions, the design team, under Faysalur Rahman’s leadership, brought Mr. Mossaraf Hossain’s vision to life.

The functional layout of Sekandar Group’s office is a testament to thoughtful design. Divided into Private, Public, and Semipublic Zones, the space seamlessly accommodates various functions, from the welcoming Waiting Lounge to the CEO and Managing Director’s quarters. The design pattern, as per Mr. Hossain’s requirements, exudes a modern and contemporary aesthetic, reflecting the ethos of the business. Arch Concept’s keen attention to detail is further evident in the nuanced design choices. The public space features a darker ceiling without a false ceiling, adding depth and a touch of drama. In contrast, the individual rooms boast false ceilings, emphasizing functionality while maintaining a cohesive design. Notably, the interior introduces a vibrant yellow to distinct spaces, such as the inviting Waiting Lounge, creating a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere. Here, the wall paneling, adorned with hexagonal patterns, creates a vibrant yet soothing ambiance. This aesthetic seamlessly complements the crisscrossed square on the ceiling panel, casting a warm glow across the public space. In contrast, the meeting room adopts a more subdued palette.Tones of white, grey, and a simple light wooden wall panel create an atmosphere of calm sophistication.

What truly sets this office apart is the meticulous attention to lighting, accentuating each space for its intended purpose. The curve of the hallway, for instance, is adorned with a crisscrossed pattern of lights, creating a visually stunning effect that guides visitors seamlessly through the space. The meeting room, a focal point of collaboration, is illuminated with overhang lights suspended between blue and yellow panels. This careful selection of colors not only adds a touch of vibrancy but also serves to create a conducive atmosphere for productive meetings. The carefully chosen lighting schemes and the infusion of color contribute to the overall ambiance, making each space in Sekandar Group’s office distinctive and purposeful. Arch Concept’s commitment to detail is evident, ensuring that the interior design doesn’t just meet but exceeds expectations.

The chosen construction materials, including gorjon board, high-pressure laminated sheet, melamine board, and meticulous metalwork, not only contribute to the visual appeal but also ensure durability. Each element, from the minimalist furniture to the spacious layouts, reflects the commitment to a modern workspace influenced by people and business culture.

Arch Concept’s involvement goes beyond just architectural design; it embodies a partnership, a commitment to bringing value-added assistance to every project. By adopting the principal-in-charge concept, Faysalur Rahman and Arch Concept create spaces that not only meet the client’s expectations but exceed them, ensuring the realization of functional, cost-effective, and successful projects. Sekandar Group’s office stands as a modern marvel, a testament to the harmonious blend of innovative design and principled architectural practice.

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