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Retracing Essence in a New Light- Oryx Bangladesh Office, Badda

Office interiors portray the beliefs of the company along with its working system and values and have an immense impact on the ones working in that domain. Embracing the very soul of the work environment, the architecture firm, STHAPOTIK, designed the interior of the office of ORYX Bangladesh with a simplistic approach, presenting a pristine, modern appearance while retaining the familiar essence with the use of existing material. 

The interior of the ORYX Bangladesh office in Badda, Dhaka is very atypical in its design proposition just as its brief and requirements set by the clients. The concept of the design focused on creating an interactive workstation with minimum wastage and maximum effectiveness. The team of STHAPOTIK took the challenge by ORYX Bangladesh of using old materials in a constructive way to introduce a new look but with re-creating the same office environment. The open office space ensures that each zone is visually connected with the others, simultaneously maintaining individuals’ privacy in their own space. Moreover, the floor has different functions assigned in each zone, from a cosy informal corner to a formal working space,   allowing experimentation with different lighting to create distinct, desired ambiences as per the requirements of a particular area. The radiant blue and complementary warm orange adorns the walls and frameworks in resonance with their brand colour. In addition, the ceiling is kept very simple and unconcealed, showcasing the ducts embellished with the input of the colours and thus generating a raw and rustic aspect of the interior. This method not only enhanced the character of the office but also helped to deplete the expense. Although working under a budget is a constraint, it also worked as a guideline in making design decisions and bringing out the final outlook that explored simple ideas in a meaningful perspective while resolving all the corners effectively.

ORYX Bangladesh, a brand giving a whole new meaning to garment sourcing for the French market since its journey in Dhaka in 1993, believes in simplicity and minimalistic practice in work, and this very belief and brand significance is upheld by STHAPOTIK while designing the office interior. The details of the interior speak volumes about the company and its fundamentals. STHAPOTIK was successful in retracing the core spirit of the office environment in a new light.

Sharif Uddin Ahammed

Architect Profile

From its inception in 2006, STHAPOTIK has built a reputation for innovative design and exceptional services by Principal Architect Sharif Uddin Ahammed. ‘Responsive environments in architecture’- this is what the team believes in and also wants to promote among their clients through their design approach. STHAPOTIK believes the promise of new possibilities for architecture to engage and shape the future lies in the revision of boundaries between the urban, the rural, and the natural. Their vision is to make every project energy efficient and build green buildings for a better inhabitable future. The team is proud to create efficient spaces that are also exciting to experience. STHAPOTIK is interested in the relationship between people and their environment and consistently pushes the boundaries of urban design.

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