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Metamorphosing space with simple elegance

Spaces can be given a new identity that resonates within them and their inhabitants, and it becomes a space one belongs to, which is what happened when Architect Shahinur Rahman Dipu had the opportunity to design the interior of this apartment, residing in the Bashundhara Residential Area. The 2400sft flat in an old building, which once felt morbid with damp walls, was metamorphosed to have its own identity with neat style and sophisticated characters. 

The architect approached the interior with the concept based on increasing connection and providing a more open and brighter space for lively interactions of the family members. The design idea was very simplistic and intelligent from the very start, as the client, Mr. Sameer Uddin, was patent that nothing extravagant, such as extruded walls is desired in the design. 

The heavy partition between the areas with most interaction, that is, main living, family living, and dining, is broken down, expanding the volume and unifying them together to attain the unimpeded congruence. The kitchen too, which once felt constricted, was restructured to be more open and acquainted as part of the whole space. Even though the kitchen is an important part of the household that is constantly used to nourish the family, it remains forgotten in a corner but, through the changes made, it is now more connected and integrated. The astute decision to replace heavy partitions with French glass doors and windows ensured that visual connection is upheld.

The transparency of the material contributes to the interactive concept of openness that the apartment is set to portray.

Moreover, natural and diffused light is brought into the interior, lightening up the arena even further. The most challenging aspect was the off-putting beams disrupting the smooth flow of the space, which were later very seamlessly concealed with the simple and calculated use of drapes. To complement the decor, the well-appointed furnishings were customized or accumulated from local vendors according to the need of the interior theme. The classic modern furniture with its ornamented yet simplistic decorum completes the cosy, elegant frame. The room was well edited with a pop of vibrant furniture choices against the pale light and textured wall that amplifies the modern classical characteristic of the space. In addition, local materials were chosen for easy availability, which helped to wrap the project within the budget restriction as well as the time frame of forty-five days despite the state of lockdown due to the pandemic situation.

Architect Dipu turned a shabby apartment into a home that speaks of elegance with cutting-edge features.

Each detail is carefully orchestrated to portray a complete image of harmony. It’s achieved by conscientiously blending in colour, form, and function throughout the space, taking into consideration how each element works together holistically.

Shahinur Rahman Dipu

Architect’s Profile:

Architect Shahinur Rahman Dipu completed his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Asia Pacific before joining, Vitti Consultancy. He then pursued his career in India and returned after six years to start his architecture firm SRD Architects. Architect Dipu is inspired by Architect Muzharul Islam, the pioneer of modern architecture in Bangladesh, and highly appreciates the work of Geoffrey Bawa and Charles Correa. He likes to be immersed in his work and passion for architecture and enjoys the instrumental in between. 

Photography by Dipu, Snahasis Saha 


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