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Clock-A-Doodle Doo

Clocks have always served more purposes than just telling time. While digital clocks are what we turn to now, it however has not replaced the aesthetic value of wall clocks. A wall clock can give a great look covering up the negative space of a wall. Jazz up your home atmosphere with these accent clocks.

Pocket Watch Wall Clock

1. Pocket Watch Wall Clock- The antique wall clock with worn out rustic surface in white, is designed to look like an oversized pocket watch. Find it available in Fully Furnished Limited. Price: 10,000 BDT

Tassel Hanging Clock

2. Tassel Hanging Clock- Featuring an aged Roman numeral clock from Fully Furnished Limited, face accented by a pendulum. To be hung with a rope tassel for a royal look. Price: 12,000 BDT

Vintage European Clock

3. Vintage European Clock- The soothing vintage clock from Utshaho with its European elegance is minimal and chic, making it the right clock for French country decor. Price: 1,350 BDT

Metal Roman Clock

4. Metal Roman Clock- The oversized metal roman clock with a mirror face is definitely a unique piece from Penthouse Livings. Make a statement with the clock by adding it to your home decor. Price on request

Windmill Wall Clock

5. Windmill Wall Clock- Fan blades overlaying on one another like a windmill, the big bad clock from Fully Furnished Limited with edgy details is a must have! Price: 12,000 BDT

White Gear Clock

6. White Gear Clock- Worn out edges and roman numbers, the rustic gear wall clock from Home Works is a perfect vintage clock. Price on request

Iron Wheel Clock

7. Iron Wheel Clock- Vintage moss green body with a gold face clock would fit beautifully in European decor. The iron wheel clock is from Home Works. Price on request

London Wall Clock

8. London Wall Clock- An elegant clock with a bit of edge. London city as its face, while gears peeping through, would make one nostalgic of the old city. The clock is from Fully Furnished Limited. Price: 10,000 BDT

Farmhouse Clock

9. Farmhouse Clock- A warm rustic wall clock from Utshaho with a worn out purple body is all you need for your farmhouse decor. Price: 1,350 BDT

Antique Gear Clock

10. Antique Gear Clock- White worn out distressed rim, and a contrasting maroon gear face. Find the unique antique wall clock at Fully Furnished Limited. Price: 10,000 BDT

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