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Masterpieces of the Floor – Rugs & Carpets

Area rugs, carpets and floor mats are the core elements of interior décor which make a significant impact in dictating the look of a space. Rugs help to determine the placement of rest of the décor pieces, working as a mapping guide. More than anything, they add life to a room. 

Jute Area Rug

1. Jute Area Rug – Circular jute rug in beige colour with patterns from Décor Bazar. Such rugs for its natural quality instantly adds texture to an outdoor space, also makes a great addition for Bohemian Chic décor. Price: 3,200 BDT

Black Jute Rug

2. Black Jute Rug – As unique and rare it is, Décor Bazar has come up with a black jute rug to give a quirky edge to your living space. Price: 4,200 BDT

3. Summer Burst – A beautiful braided blend of browns, reds and greens creating a mosaic effect, while being soothing to the eyes. For a bright summery touch to your living room, get the rug from Beni Boonon. Price: 3,465 BDT

Blended Jute Rug

4. Blended Jute Rug – A blend of beige and black, the jute rug from Décor Bazar can be a statement rug in a living room, or be part of a themed décor. The unique contrast of colours is indeed a rare to find. Price: 1,850 BDT

A Cranberry Spread

5. A Cranberry Spread – The summer inspired rug from Beni Boonon with cranberries on it is such a sight. The jute rug would fit the best in a Mediterranean themed décor. Price: 2,495 BDT

Moroccan Rug

6. Moroccan Rug – The vibrant rug features ornate and colorful design inspired more by the Rabat aesthetics. The vintage style of rug from Interior Depot would be a classic addition to an interior décor. Price: 3,300 BDT

Purple Haze

7. Purple Haze – Purples and blues blending effortlessly in a haze, the round jute rug from Beni Boonon is unique in its own way. Price: 4,275 BDT

Arctic Fur

8. Arctic Fur – Faux fur rugs instantly add a touch of Hollywood glamour to the interior décor. Find this luxe rug available in different sizes and variation in Dristinondon. Price: 1200 BDT

Satranji Rug

9. Satranji Rug – Satranji, a local product which is a specialty of Rangpur region, handmade with love and vibrance. Adorn your abode with this local pride, available in Satranji Kabbo. Price: 650 BDT

Distressed Persian Rug

10. Distressed Persian Rug – The much trending, vintage-inspired, Persian rug brings effortless style to any room. Blend of traditional pattern and a stylish twist, the carpet from Interior Depot is a must have. Price: 24,500 BDT

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