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‘Three’ by BTI

Smart Buildings are those structures that incorporate the latest modern technology that building management systems have to offer. This automation provides a greater scope for efficiency, safety as well as comfort. This is the concept that BTI has their eyes on, as they introduce ‘Three’,  the first Smart Home in Bangladesh as part of their Platinum Collection Homes.

It is not a foreign concept in the country to set up a smart room with the assistance of Alexa or Google. A building which is Smart from top to bottom, though, is something that is yet to be seen in Bangladesh.

Three is situated at a well coveted location in Gulshan-2, just beside the Gulshan Club and adjacent to Gulshan Lake. Each floor of the building contains one apartment of a whooping 7000 + square feet.  After two years of research and design, the in-house architects are aiming for it to be the best building in terms of technology, aesthetics, location, as well as having ample greenery. As they said, ‘We are selling a lifestyle, not a building’.

‘We are selling a lifestyle, not a building’.

The technological aspects of Three are top-notch. Security of an apartment can be set up as a thumbprint, voice or app operated. Lights, ceiling fans, AC, curtains, TV and music systems are controlled through a single Smart Hub, which can be accessed through smart phone app. Some lights are motion operated to optimize power usage. The whole building is climate controlled; air temperature, air quality and water treatment all are guaranteed. There’s also an emergency button which may come in handy for families that have elderly people and/or small children.
 The aesthetical and comfort aspect of Three cannot be ignored. Right past the lobby is an uninterrupted view of the lake from the back, an adjacent courtyard which offers privacy, and an infinity pool that gives off the impression of swimming right into the lake. Aside from that, each and every floor has enough space dedicated for a garden so that technology and nature can coexist. All the floors are exposed to copious amounts of natural lighting. The interior can be renovated to taste, and all the fixtures are of luxury standard.

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