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A Mediterranean Impression

Sheikh Suraiya Rehnuma, is a self-taught fashion and portrait photographer who has created conceptual art through themed photography. Bringing richness and depth to the theme of her clicks, the photographer has designed her own photography studio for the audience to have an immersive experience.

Rehnuma with an academic background in architecture set out to establish her own business, Lenzkraft. As a fashion and portrait photographer, she had steadily been a daylight photographer for a great amount of time in her career. Ideally, it meant for her to have a studio space that had to be white and bright with soft natural light. She improvised the space to the best, given the small budget she had for the studio design. The idea was to have themed pocket spots to a running elongated space. “It helped me to design small spaces as I wanted to create a cohesive harmony,” says Rehnuma.

The multi-skilled photographer designed two signature spaces that established the identity of the studio. One of the two spots being the Teal coloured wall. The spot is an amalgamation of Moroccan and South-Asian design. Teal colour dominating a space with traditional touches is an element of Moroccan design. The wall is adorned with frames, where the small bench with Katan cushions is the highlight.

The space is greeted by a window and some bright bunch of flowers lightening up the space; while the vintage chandelier making a statement.

Sheikh Suraiya Rehnuma

The other signature spot is the seating corner which evokes a feeling of a bright sunny day in Italy. The interior design is done in Mediterranean style- bright arched yellow spot where an accent wooden chair rests, as the fun paintings, plant, wicker basket, and a stool complements it. The other noteworthy spot is the makeup corner which has a light and airy feel to it. The makeup corner is kept minimal with a white dresser and a mannequin, and a teal traditional rug working as a pop of colour.

It took Rehnuma almost a year to complete the interior décor of the 1350 sqft. area. She mostly used recycled items for her studio, doing a spectacular job in bringing the place to life.

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