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Ergonomically designed co-working space Co+Lab breaks free from the stereotypical aesthetic of an office by combining industrial architecture with pop culture art elements. The bold and playful space enables the corporate hustlers to take a break from their monotonous cubicles and encourages dynamic work culture.

Conceptualized by Adnan Haroon, Co+Lab started its journey at the end of 2019 with the view to revolutionize the work culture of Bangladesh. “Co-working spaces are a growing trend, especially in the tech and start-up worlds; however, many companies in Dhaka fail to maintain the compliance standards of such spaces.

Taking all that into consideration, Co-Lab boasts the right working environment that makes all the difference in getting the best out of your day’s work. Whether you are a digital nomad or a team of corporate hustlers, our specialized workpaces for each type offer you a maximum level of efficiency.

Our aim is to ‘humanize’ workspace”, Adnan explains.
Situated at one of the prime locations of Dhaka, overlooking the US Embassy and open land, Co+Lab is fully equipped to create the perfect balance between face paced work environment and the break one needs to recharge.

The dynamic office design incorporates several mood-enhancing features like hand-painted murals, pop art illustrations and use of bold colours to keep the creative wheels spinning. “Dhaka is the economic hub of Bangladesh that is evolving fast.

Hence, our theme revolves around futuristic space and Dhaka. Our in-house tech company, Equity Tech helped to include elements of pop culture all around the space to keep things interesting and inspiring. It all comes together, giving life to the property”, says Adnan.
The 3,400-square-feet office area is divided into reception and waiting area, 6 private rooms, executive area, open work area, brainstorming area, break space cafeteria and conference rooms.

Heaps of daylight, clean lines and colourful details set the tone for this extraordinary office space. “We got lucky with the location of the property that has the wealth of the beautiful panorama of the diplomatic zone. So, we decided to not block the view and keep the space open and airy”, Adnan adds.

The white reception immediately catches attention, accentuated with sleek white rods as backdrop and a clutter-free desk. Statement rod lights dropping from the ceiling jazz things up. Right next to the reception is the waiting lounge, featuring plush couches and back vinyl flooring.

Cleverly concealed storage cabinets in the workstation help reduce clutter and add to the minimalistic look. Huge glass openings were carved into the space to allow ample daylight in and minimise the use of power during the day.

An industrial look was achieved with the exposed ceiling at the workstation. Again, opulent touches were injected by the use of bespoke furniture, wall-art and sleek details. The result is a contemporary space with a dose of rustic.

The colour palette used throughout the office space is predominantly aqua blue, yellow, white and grey. Bold yellow and blue were used as visual relief and to infuse a dose of fun to the interiors.

The uniquely designed cafeteria is bound to induce some office envy, featuring art illustration of Van Gogh’s journey through his art. The suspended lights and high tables lend a sense of playfulness to the space while the thoughtful use of plant gives life to the office and reduces ambient noise.

All in all, Co+Lab successfully creates a collective space that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also mentally relaxing.

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