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Vibrant Vistas in Curating Inspiration – Potato Digital Office, Gulshan 1

Nurturing a space where creativity thrives in an ambiance of vibrant luminosity, Architect Sanzid Rizvee and Architect Rubayet Ferdous with their team at Studio Spire, designed the office space of Potato Digital with a transformative approach that rejuvenates the employees to encourage the free, boundless potential of the curators. In a short span of about forty-five days, starting from June 2022, the architects developed the office interior at Gulshan 1, with the contemporary interplay of lighting, colors, and interactive elements, kindling a spirit of free thinking and innovative ideas.

The office interior design embraces a dynamic and vibrant concept, stimulating creativity and productivity. Bright colors and bold wall patterns accentuate the space, reflecting the agency department’s energetic nature. The client, Potato Digital, wanted a funky and light ambiance. Given the rental nature of the space, the challenge became an opportunity for Studio Spire to showcase their ingenuity, and by incorporating flexible design elements and enhancing the existing features, the team was able to craft an office that reflects the agency’s unique identity while working within the constraints. The architects approached the design development as per zones. Open and flexible workstations encourage collaboration and communication among team members while the relaxed lounge area, with a coffee corner and pantry accommodates diverse work styles, the enclosed rooms of directors and client service are designed concerning their privacy. The engaging and playful approach in design and brainstorming zones, inspire innovation and interaction, and the comfortable space design of the marketing agency office recognizes the needs of employees who work overnight in times of submission within tight deadlines.

The brand logo which prominently features the color red, is meticulously represented. To complement this bold choice, the office interior design incorporates a carefully selected palette of complementary colors. Shades of teal, warm yellow, and orange, along with the base of white and gray, infuse the space with a sense of coherence. Customized modern furniture seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality and unique lighting adds to the space’s playful nature. For instance, resonating with the nature of the creative zone, the ceiling features light in the shape of the game of Tic-tac-toe. The wall arts catch the eyes with their bold presence and relative concept that leaves no space to be dull in the office, providing energetic encouragement to employees. The dot wall installation was inspired by the concept of dots as an infinite continuation to convey that the possibility of creativity is endless.

Staying rooted in their history, a wall features the journey of the company from its office at Kalabagan to Gulshan with a streetscape and potatoes as their signature. On the other hand, the yellow accent wall has circles where each represents the agency’s work year and more circles are to be highlighted in future with passing years, incorporating user involvement with the design of their own working space. The design process of Potato Digital’s office was a testament to creativity, innovation, and adaptability. The architects skillfully crafted an environment that not only met the agency’s needs but provided the employees with a workplace to look forward to in curating their creative thoughts.

From the dynamic and vibrant concept to the careful selection of colors and furniture, every aspect was meticulously considered to enhance creativity, collaboration, and comfort.

The result is a captivating and functional workspace that resonates with Potato Digital’s brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on clients and employees alike.

Architect Sanzid Iqbal Rizvee and Architect Rubayet Ferdous officially started their architecture firm Studio Spire in December 2020. The founder architects, in their student life at North South University, worked together on several group projects. After graduation, they initiated their dream together, working from home, with project implementation of Bangladesh Military Museum, with Spectra Construction as their client, and from then on, they continued their growth. Now they are a full-fledged firm with a team of architects working on several interior projects throughout the country. Studio Spire intends on doing more building design and construction, along with interior design, in the future and looks forward to the prospect of designing and implementing more remarkable projects.

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