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A Revivifying Scape | Leehar

Set on the rooftop of Adept Amir Complex, Bashundhara, the Leehar restaurant designed by Trikon Architects takes urbanities on a revivifying escape from the bustling streets of the capital. The lush green oasis is composed of a careful selection of plants, and the vibrant colour palette of the products and finishes amalgamates to create a wonderful sensorial experience for the visitors. 

In the indoor section, guests are greeted by a vibrant colour palette inspired by Arabian décor. The restaurant primarily serves authentic Arabian food, and, apart from the food, for the diners’ experience to be complete, the senses must be stimulated not only by the menu but also by the interior decor. So, taking cues from Arabian design and style, the Leehar restaurant is meticulously curated with vibrant colours, floral textures and patterns, to resemble an Arabian look and feel.  

As the space is compact, the layout plan is done wisely to ensure a smooth functional flow. The service and the kitchen areas have been handled tactfully so that it functions efficiently within a very compact space. The indoor section is placed beside the vertical circulation beside the lift-lobby space while the outdoor area is sectioned into two- one at the lower level; beside the indoor section, and the other at the upper level; at the mezzanine floor. Upon entering, from the lobby section, guests can enjoy their meal at the indoor section or can choose to go to the outdoor area; beside the indoor section or can move to the upper outdoor area from there. Otherwise, guests can access directly to the upper outdoor area from the indoor section by following the stair in the indoor section. 

“The space variation personifies guests’ mood and preference, and they can choose their sitting space accordingly.

As seen many times, large families usually sit indoors, while a couple prefers the outdoor area, and if a batch of friends or colleagues come, they tend to move to the mezzanine floor. Each space has its own charm, fragrance and beauty, giving visitors an immersive experience”, shares Shafique Rahman, principal architect of Trikon Architects. The outdoor space is equipped with thoughtfully selected tropical plants and creepers. Around thirty types of plants have been collected which require low maintenance but have high longevity: making them ideal for roof plantation. The amount of green set in the design and the utilization of natural air can be an effective means of improving the quality of life both on the building scale and on the urban scale.

Guests like to immerse themselves in this serene atmosphere, which is sustainable, energy-efficient and limits the toxicity of visual pollution. 

One of the striking elements of the restaurant is the perforated screened ceiling. Light and the intricate motif filled in through the screen change depending on the seasons and weather and that creates an unpredictable sensory experience for visitors. Amidst the city’s hustle and bustle, Leehar restaurant brings a breathing space for its city dwellers; where they can unwind and relax while enjoying some of its signature Arabian meals: Kabsa Rice, Lamb Adana Kabab, and Chicken Shish Tawook.

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