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Fire Glory

Written by Tasmiah Chowdhury

Did you ever put a thought upon what the world would be like without its sun? The fire element is most welcomed by the existence of the sun; which is its heart core; would be lifeless and unproductive to mankind or any living.

Fire is one of the elements among the other five elements of feng shui that we shall look at, simultaneously, taking ideas from Architect Muhammad Ariful Islam, CEO of Zero Inch Interior’s Ltd; on how this fire element, the ancient Chinese directive; can and does apply beautifully and seamlessly to modern interiors.

Wall paint in Fire Element Colours

A great way to introduce the fire element is to paint your room with fiery hues like red, orange, bold yellow or purple. “ It’s not that you are going to paint the entire room red, but paint in clever ways, like make a focal wall, paint a rustic cottage floor or just revive a piece of vintage furniture. It’s better to use the fire element in moderation. Or else, misuse of this element will cause overstimulation and a sense of anxiety”, recommends Ar. Ariful islam.

Décor Accessories in Fire Colour

You can use décor items like vases with bold red colour. Choose vases of different height and group them for a more dramatic look. Bring pillows, throws, rugs or curtains in fire colours with natural fabrics like silk, velvet or cotton and you can find a visually pleasing way to create a good feng shui in your home.

Lighting Fixtures in Fire Colour

Lighting fixtures are another great way to bring the good feng shui in your home. Ar. Ariful Islam opts for bright red lamps or red light pendants as a great expression of the fire feng shui element, which is fascinating too.

Furniture in Red Hues

Several pieces of red colour furniture or furniture with deep bold colours like orange, yellow, purple, magenta will surely brighten up your space and bring more energy to it, as well would be a great solution to a perfect feng shui fire element.

A Fireplace or Red Candles

The easiest and simplest way to bring the natural energy of fire into your space is to introduce a small fireplace into your rooms. For the little warmth and cozy glow; lit up the fire and your luck too. You can choose from the variety of forms from the contemporary styled transparent portable fireplace to well designed wall mounted fireplace.  Ar. Ariful Islam says, other than an actual fireplace, which is not possible to incorporate in all seasons, candles are the other best option to look for. To amplify the fire element energy of the candles, you may either choose candles in the fire element colours or candle holders.

Art with Fiery Colours

Buy beautiful artwork pieces with bold and fiery colours or make of your own artwork with bold strokes of red, orange, purple, or with any fiery colours and you are good to go with the fire feng shui element.

So now you understand the basics of the fire element of feng shui, assess your room to see how this fire feng shui can be productive, brightening up your home to a positive flow of energy.


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