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Nurturing with Earth

Written by Tasmiah Chowdhury

Have you ever wondered; the day when you are drained, when feeling confused or stagnant, looked at a landscape piece of art or a terracotta artwork wall; discovered yourself in a calm and reassuring way? Remarkably; the unique mothering quality of earth element makes you feel balanced and secure; giving an inner place that supports your efforts to take care for yourself and taking care for your dear ones, too.

Let us look at the Feng Shui earth element; how it can be incorporated, when and where to use it sparingly to strengthen and create harmony and balance; reconnecting your life.

Fill with Crystals and Stones

One of the fun ways to harness the earth element is by decorating with gorgeous stones and crystals. Bring out your collection of stones and crystals that have been collected for ages or its never boring to shop for some new stones and crystals. Go for a bowl filling with the stones and crystals on your coffee table and watch the energy in your home become calmer and happier because of these beautiful earth cures.

Rest Earthenware Bowls and Vases
Earthenware bowls or vases are another popular décor that can bring strong presence of rich earth element to your home. Group several of them together for a nice and warm flow of energy or just have a big bowl filled with stones at a favorite corner of your home.

Place Small Clay Figurines
A simple way to introduce the earth Feng Shui element is clay figurines or miniature idols. There is an enormous variety of clay figurines to choose from or you can make of your own unique piece of happiness in its simplest form.

Wall Paint in Earth Element Colours
Colour is the easiest way to bring the energy of earth into a space. Add a touch of yellow to the center of your home; if yellow is too intense, choose a few soft; earthy colours like soft browns or sandy colours to sooth frayed nerves and promote well being.

Earth Element Art and Accessories
What can be a more fun and flexible way to bring earth elements into a space with beautiful décor accessories? A terracotta artwork piece or an earthy landscape into your artwork, toss pillows, rugs or curtains – all can be a visually pleasing way to create good feng shui in your home. You can choose earth colour rugs that are made from natural fibers to strengthen the feng shui foundation.

Taupe Furniture for Earth Element
Furnishing with a touch of taupe décor is another way of introducing the earth feng shui in your room. The neutral palette of Taupe makes room feel serene and simple; with statement furniture upholstered in taupe velvet; including an art grounded with warm and neutral palette making ease to positive energy and good fortune for people inhabiting that space.

So now as you know how to incorporate the feng shui earth element into your space, get ready to maximize your good feeling, peace and harmony in your life and living.

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