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An Unconventional Paradigm – Daawai Outlet, Lalmatia

From the observation of the typical pharmacies, where people usually get to see the piles of medicines, which pose a sense of trepidation immediately, the newly opened outlet of ‘Daawai’, a model pharmacy for both medicine and FMCG products, in Lalmatia designed by ‘প্রাচ্য’ (Prachya) architectural consultancy provides a soft, cozy and soothing environment to enhance healing from inside, where the arrangement of medicines blends with soft tones yet with full functionality.  A tranquil ambiance is proposed to explore inner wellness.

‘Daawai’ opts for creating a platform where people will be provided with better service regarding the selling of medicines and other consumer goods, along with proper counseling. Reminiscing the moment when the project was assigned to the architects of Prachya, they shared their initial thoughts and vision. “Pharmacies are important parts of the health sector as retail outlets of medicines, but the importance of providing a good environment is often overlooked in typical practices. By creating something unconventional and setting a unique example, the project would be a great platform to break the stereotypical notions of pharmacies that people are accustomed to having around them” shares Sahar Malik, principal architect of Prachya.

The interior is kept as open as possible in the customer access section, along with fulfilling the requirement of stack spaces. Therefore, prime design challenge of the design team was to store ample stocks as well as to provide a sense of openness in only around 397 sft of outlet space.  Hence, all the stacks have been arranged at periphery of the shops while the central space kept open for customers with a seating arrangement and an eye-catching   yet well merged reception counter.  Maintaining an open plan distribution, the space is divided into two sections, one with FMCG and another with medicine. The main entry is through the FMCG section where people are offered to see the FMGC and health care products first, rather than the medicine, to avoid the typical consternation feelings regarding medicine and illness. Also, the facade that is first to be seen is a clear glass with a view of a playfield at the background, offers ample daylight.  Fewer shelves have been arranged aligned with the entrance, to provide the outside natural views as the first glance.

After the entrance, customers find a welcoming seat, illuminated with lights, evolving from the diagonal design and color tone, providing space for both seating and indoor pants, over the soft green epoxy painted floor.  Just behind the seat, there is a light green wall panel where the branding and services of the shops are written with white acrylic lettering, highlighted with some eye caching filament bulb lights.  A number of indoor plants have been provided, some medicinal, some easy to maintain money plants; to enhance the inner healing. The reception counter is just beside the entry, illuminated with lights, merged with the design graphics and color tone as well. There is a white panel at the corner of the reception, well noticeable from the entrance, where the name ‘Dawaai’ is glowing at the front with illuminated letterings, while the back providing space for a refrigerator and other storages. All the medicine stacks are just behind and surrounding the reception desk, to ensure control.

To ensure a calm environment and that psychologically brings peace in mind, a soft green with a mix of little sky-blue tint as color tone is used for designing the most of the interior. One of the interesting design details are the diagonal graphics of the frames which acts as structural support of the shelves while the glossy champagne color has created distinct feature against the soft background.

 ‘প্রাচ্য (Prachya) began their journey as an architectural consultancy firm in April 2017, with principal architects Sahar Malik, Istiaq Sunny and engineer Aminul Haque Rony. The firm aims for designing spaces with the aspects of regionalism and blending them with modernity while considering the individual context of each project. They believe that the strength of an environment comes from the thoughtful uses of space, endowed with unique ideas, which can nurture people positively. The design of ‘Daawai’ was led with the same aspiration by Ar. Sahar Malik, with the assistance of teammates, Ar. Tahiya Arshi and Junior Ar. MD. Nazrul Islam Raju.

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