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Sunshine Bricks Limited, the latest addition to Mirpur Ceramics and Khadim Ceramics, located in Habiganj, received the prestigious award as a “Green Champion” for manufacturing construction materials with the successful implementation of energy-efficient Tunnel Kiln Technology.

Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF) and Mutual Trust Bank (MTB) awarded Sunshine Bricks Limited as a “Green Champion” at the event “Fostering Climate Finance Partnership in Bangladesh” held at Renaissance Dhaka Hotel, Gulshan on 25th April 2024.

It was received by the Chairman of the group Mr. Asif Ariff Tabani, Vice-Chairman Mr. Sakif Ariff Tabani, and Director Ms. Ayesha Sanaa Asif Tabani.

The factory produces ceramic bricks and blocks with innovative designs, seen first time in Bangladesh, by natural gas, rather than black coal, like the other factories, with low fuel consumption in European automated technology. Not only this, the factory does not use topsoil for production, it only mines from selected clay mines and takes clay only up to eighty to one hundred feet depth. 

Due to the tunnel Kiln technology used in the factory, at least 20% less fuel is consumed than other kilns in the country. At the same time, the heat produced in the factory is relayed through ducts for being used to dry the raw ceramic bricks and blocks again. The factory supports the effort of the government to make the construction materials’ production more eco-friendly.

Switzerland-based organization GCPF has been promoting environmental balance through low fuel consumption and technological excellence. That is why they are encouraging the new factories of Bangladesh to be environmentally friendly by awarding them with the name “Green Champion”. As a result, Sunshine Bricks Limited received this award for the first time as an environmentally friendly green ceramic construction material manufacturer in Bangladesh.

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