Rajshahi Welcomes Premier Ceramic Manufacturers

Mirpur Ceramic Works Ltd. and Khadim Ceramics Ltd. Unveil Their First Display and Sales Center in Rajshahi. On October 2nd, 2023, industry giants Mirpur Ceramic Works Ltd. and Khadim Ceramics Ltd. marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of their first-ever “Display & Sales Center” at Fosiuddin Tower, Reshompotti, Bot-tola Mor (East), Shagorpara, 6100. The esteemed Chairman, Mr. Asif Ariff Tabani, Director Mr. Hamzah Tabani, and senior corporate officials graced the ceremony, symbolizing the beginning of an enhanced customer experience in Rajshahi.

Both Mirpur Ceramic Works Ltd. and Khadim Ceramics Ltd. have been synonymous with ceramic-based construction materials since 1958, manufacturing a comprehensive range of products including Blocks, Bricks, Ornamental Screens, Claddings, Pavers, Roofing Tiles, and Floor and Wall Tiles, along with the necessary mortars. These materials have been pivotal in landmark projects nationwide, showcasing the group’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Rajshahi City, renowned for its heritage, culinary arts, and business environment, is an ideal fit for the diverse product range, aligning seamlessly with the vision to transform Rajshahi into a sustainable, vibrant, and livable city. This strategic move amplifies the organization’s dedication to support the city’s growth and offer direct, reliable service to the local community.

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