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The story of Zabeer Hotel is told in earthy tones, soft lights and latest interior design. All the famed hotels tend to have one redeeming factor that sets them apart from the mainstream, and in case of Zabeer Hotel, this factor is their commitment to cater to every single need a guest might have. Build on a prominent spot in Jessore city; it strives to become a dream destination for guests hoping to indulge themselves in comfort and luxury.

As is the case in most Architecture projects, here too the clients had expressed their requirements and choices for how the design of Zabeer Hotel should emerge, in order to make it look unique.
Zabeer Hotel was initially a normal street hotel by another Architect & was built up to 5th floor. The challenge was to upgrade it from an ordinary hotel to a 5 star luxury facility. That is the task that the Architect of this particular project diligently applied himself to.

Located in 1256 M.K Ali Road, Jessore Southeast of the Jessore Airport, a leading figure in the country’s design scene Mobin Uddin Mohammad Helaly, has made magic in the form of Zabeer Hotel, a perfect getaway.
After graduating from BUET, he is now working on his own consulting firm ‘SRISHTI SHAILEE’. The Architectural and Interior decorating based consulting firm was established in 1998 and they mostly specialize on hotel design.
The architect relishes the opportunity to prove himself in this case. He remarked, ‘I want to say that I very much enjoy solving problematic works.’

Ar. Mobin Helaly believes that the design of a place, whether it is a building, landscape or object- should express the lasting values of the place, as well as the aspirations of its commissioners and users.

The concept of design is rooted in traditions of hospitality to travellers dating back to ancient times. The development of many diverse types of hotels can be seen in many cultures across world history. It is focused on the visual concept on its architecture, on interior decoration, on aesthetics style and décor. That is the line of thought that Ar. Mobin Helaly followed while Zabeer hotel was being planned.

Colour is one of the most important visual elements of hotel interior design, which makes it a good place to start the discussion. While certain colours generally invoke mild reactions in most people, it is still important to note that in certain cases the shade & saturation of a colour can drastically change their response. As a rule of thumb, light colours are perceived as airy, they make rooms feel brighter and more spacious. The colour scheme of the entirety of the hotel is neutral, with splashes of contrasting vibrant colours here and there. The colour scheme turns exotic in a few places, such as the Noxx bar. The dark walls contrast with neon lighting and give off the perfect nocturnal vibe.

As per the current trend in interior design, the interior of Zabeer hotel is full of geometric patterned elements, imparting an echo of Art deco throughout the establishment. Scattered throughout the entire establishment there are subtle touches of luxury in the form of mirrors, chandeliers and eclectic paintings. Clever use of warm, ambient light complements the subtle use of these ostentatious materials. Tastefully decorated lounge, seating arrangements consist of couches whose very sight is comforting.

The architectural form of Zabeer hotel instantly offers a feeling of completeness and competence to the guest. It makes you believe that this establishment will not fail in providing you with just what you need in a 5 star luxury hotel. This aesthetic is mirrored all throughout the interior, the opulent lounge, reception area and finally the picture perfect luxury rooms and suits.

An Architect creates the overall aesthetic & look of buildings & structures but the design of a building involves far more than its appearance. Buildings also must be functional, safe & economical and must suit the specific needs of the people who use them. Most importantly, they must be built with the health, safety & welfare of the general people in mind. Aside from that, to be considered better than the rest a hotel must include top-notch range of amenities.

The colour scheme of the entirety of the hotel is neutral, with splashes of contrasting vibrant colours here and there

Zabeer Hotel International boasts of a plethora of activities for both adults and kids which include fitness centre, bar and terrace. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and room service, along with free Wi-Fi. Staff on site can arrange airport transfers. Rooms at the hotel also provide guests with a city view. The location facilitates easy commute to the rest of the city. Guests at the accommodation can enjoy a continental breakfast. All throughout the stay at this hotel, the combination of luxurious décor and amenities impart the feeling of being wholly separate from the tedium of day to day life.

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