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Criterion Nurun Nabi a residential apartment building located in the tranquil locale of Gulshan 2, is designed by CHINTON Architects Ltd. that is not only efficiently functional but also aesthetically pleasant and calm from the outside as well as the inside. Criterion Developers Ltd. had complete faith and gave the liberty of design to Architect Neeman Karim and Architect Shakir Azim Ullah who achieved to bring life to the residential building from the inside and utilized the space to its maximum capacity, bringing about the open, free voluminosity to the apartment even with the site constraint of being sandwiched between two buildings.  

Criterion Nurun Nabi project started in the year of 2018 and was completed almost three years later in 2021. The eight-storied apartment building stands on a land of 7.5 Katha taking a gross area of 3700sft that provides a basement parking, a reception area, and 7 units of 3300sft apartments, one on each floor.

The design prioritizes the comfort and need of the residents and is curated with the fundamental design principle of “form follows function” and started working from inside.

The distinctive exterior design scope came about with an entry that showcases a feature wall that is also a prime element of structural construction. The fair-faced concrete wall glorifies the texture of wooden shuttering. The driveway is paved in pebblestone which is not only environmentally friendly but also reduces the hassle of maintenance.

The eleven feet height of the apartments is a unique feature that is appreciated by the residents as they enjoy the additional volume that frees up the space, allowing a more natural flow of breeze to sway with and soothing sunlight of the evening to bask in. Three of the four bedrooms of the apartments are south-facing, which invites the air of the southeast. Cross-ventilation was maintained throughout the space which made the environment of the interior cooler and the air well-circulated which minimizes the use of air-conditioners. The apartment space transitions from public to semi-private to private where the members relish in their own space as well as together as a family.

Details such as the touch of wooden texture in the verandas or the continuous stringed glass stairway add distinctions in design value.

The architects have given importance to each little detail with both function and aesthetics to make the living space enjoyable for the residents. CHINTON Architects realizes architecture to be an interactive and creative process and they aim to introduce innovative design solutions that address both the newer trends in contemporary Bangladeshi architecture as well as the rich cultural and natural heritage of Bangladeshi ‘living’.

Neeman Karim and
Shakir Azim Ullah

The residential apartment also includes a selection of common spaces and modern lifestyle amenities for the residents. It includes a reception lobby and elegantly furnished community lounge on the rooftop. Such amenities make it a bright and friendly place conducive to conversation between residents. The rooftop is another essential part of the project that acts as a catalyst for social interaction. It is equipped with seating areas and green oases inhibiting low-maintenance native plants.

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