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The homeowner, Sabrina Reza, for her 2500 square-foot apartment residing in the calming locale of Uttara, wanted to build an unconventional place to live up to her persona. A place of welcome and celebration for family and friends but also a space of intimacy and sharing on a daily basis. Arcadian Architects in collaboration with Dcon Design Studio designed her dream abode to bring into reality.

The construction of the interior started in July 2021 and took nearly four months to fully complete the interior. The design began with the functional zoning of the residence. A welcoming foyer is at first designed that partially partitions the formal living; giving a sense of privacy. The formal living, with its carefully chosen sleek décor details, had its layout and atmosphere transformed. All main materials in the living area are chosen in neutral shades: white, beige, and brown while colourful highlights in yellow and blue are carefully integrated by accent décor pieces. The dining area set at the right corner of the house accommodates a plush black upholstered dining table is certainly one of the striking features of the interior. The entire set-up of the dining with its handpicked decorative accents reveals a serene sophistication.

The upper floor holds the master bedroom, children’s bedrooms, and a family lounge. Initially, the house had only one floor but to accommodate specific settings for the requirements of the different members of the family, the design team converted it into a duplex apartment. “We had to abandon some walls to construct the upper floor. We wanted the space leading to the upper floor to be dynamic, as a result, we have used polished black marble tiles in the stairs, a sleek glass railing, and an exquisitely textured marble tile covers the conjoining wall while the dazzling chandelier set above adds an immediate drama and style to the place”, says Santano Debnath, Managing Partner of Arcadian Architects. The master bedroom adorns an elegant interior interlaced with modern materials, such as gold metallic finish accent lamps, streamlined furniture and modern sofas with feather tufted upholstery, and some plush armchair and console; all that brings a more sumptuous and luxurious feel. The upper floor has two kid’s rooms that opt for soft pink and blue hues; unlike the muted aesthetic of the rest of the house.

“We carefully curated each area; that to put in simple words, the ‘wow factor as soon as an occupant enter. We studied and researched on multiple wall tiles and incorporated marble finish tiles of different patterns and textures and some which give a 3d effect”, says Niloy Nath, Partner architect of Arcadian Architects. “The aim was to not remain any wall blank and to make it look interesting to the viewer.” The highlighted part of the house and the most cherished space of the owner is the coffee lounge. “The coffee lounge is equipped with all the high-tech appliances to prepare my perfect mug of coffee and the entire lounge is stylized with a modern chandelier and gold-metallic chairs to add extra glam. The low fixed table at its center and the comfortable chairs around it invite long conversations”, shares Sabrina Reza.

Throughout the house, the detailing of elements such as the staircase, different wall applications, and its bespoke special features are what sets this apartment different from the other apartments.

photography by – Rezwan Kobir & Le Raihan

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