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ETHNIC MUSINGS- Taaga Flagship Store

Cubeinside Design Ltd- an expert design company,  Aarong and Taaga have teamed up together to bring to the people of Bangladesh the Taaga Man flagship store in Dhanmondi, a store that encapsulates the ethnic roots of our country to fit the modern man of today.

 The principal architect of this project, Md. Shakhawat Hossain Rocky, one of the partners of Cubeinside Design Ltd, describes the total project concept and theme as that have been evolved from the true meaning of “Taaga” and its spatial requirements. “Taaga” is an almost lost ethnic Bengali word which means the special stitch that is used to bind the edges of NakshiKantha. In a word, Taaga is a special kind of stitch. The interesting fact that emerged while digging deeper into the patterns of Taaga stitch is that all of these stitches are simple geometric patterns – predominantly with trapezoid or triangular matrix. When analyzing the Aarong’s interpretation of Taaga, it is perceived that Taaga offers a fusion of modern cuts, incorporating Aarong’s ethnic essence through its designs and crafted value additions.

Therefore, blending these values, the core concept of the project stands out like this “An approach to develop a concept that exercises the fusing between the deep rooted ethnicity and contemporary needs which can be expressed in the interior design in both material and non-material way. And triangular matrix that was evolved from the Taaga stitches, acts as a primary influence on designing the interior elements.”

Exercising the geometric patterns of triangular matrix, the core display fixtures have been designed. As the material for the display fixtures, slick solid metal section has been used to provide a more minimal yet stylish look. Floors and main ceiling have been perceived as a darker backdrop, so that the product displays will be more focused. A slim ceiling with vibrant enlighten triangular matrix has been designed to create a more unique ambiance. As a contrasting colour, yellow has been introduced in the area where denim products are displayed,

in an intention to create a mark on the visitor’s memory. A robust grey coloured counter has been placed in such a way that it functions most efficiently, yet creating a sharp angle and contrast on the yellow surface. Various patterns have been used as the backdrop cladding, all of which have been evolved from the core geometric patterns of Taaga stitch,

which not only gives a good texture but also stimulates the experience of the customers in visual-tactile way. Different approaches have been taken for the displays of shoes to create a hierarchy in the shopping experience. The central staircase has been designed as a robust mass with contrasting patterns, creating a visual harmony to people.

Talking about the whole design process, Architect Khandaker Ashifuzzaman Rajon said, “The total process of designing and execution was a very exciting ride, where the client Aarong and Taaga played a very enthusiastic role with our ideas and concepts. And at the end of the day, to make it more functional and efficient, the certain standards have been maintained strictly, yet in a way that it upholds the aesthetic quality as well.”

Taaga Man flagship store at Dhanmondi, the brainchild of the architects symbolizes the uniqueness with its colour, form, geometry and finishes.

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