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Bonded by Nature

A wonder of architecture that embodies the spirit of traditional Bengali homesteads is nestled in the serene environs of Shibchar, in the district of Madaripur, Bangladesh. This residence was painstakingly designed by the architect Maruf Raihan.

It is a sanctuary where cultural traditions are respected and family bonds are nurtured.

. It pays homage to the perfect union of tradition family and nature.

This family home, which stretches across the verdant countryside of Bangladesh, is more than just a building; it is a manifestation of Maruf Raihan’s diverse skill set and keen awareness of his clients’ requirements. With an uncompromising dedication to perfection and an acute attention to detail, Raihan turned the client’s idea into a living masterpiece that goes beyond the bounds of architecture. The ideas of cultural appreciation and familial connection are central to the design philosophy. In addition to serving as a place of habitation, Raihan envisioned the house as a hub for family activities.

A feeling of peace permeates the soul from the moment one steps through the entry hall and leads to the “Kacharighar,” a semi-open veranda where generations gather for prayer and fellowship.

Raihan shows his deep regard for Bengali customs and religious rites in every detail of the design. His holistic approach to construction is best demonstrated by the location of the prayer space, which faces west toward the qiblah and harmoniously blends functionality with spirituality.

Every area of the home displays the painstaking attention to detail, from the calligraphy on the walls of the stairwell to the tastefully designed furnishings that radiate friendliness and coziness. Every element of the design bears the signature of Raihan, resulting in a tasteful fusion of style and practicality.

The residence’s deep connection to the surrounding natural beauty—especially the lovely pond that acts as the property’s focal point—is one of its most distinctive features.

Raihan cleverly included the pond into the layout so that every common room has a visual or tactile connection to the peaceful surroundings.

Along with improving the pond’s aesthetic appeal, the “ghat” pattern around its edge offers a casual gathering spot for family and friends. Semi-private verandas and well placed windows provide views of the peaceful outdoors without sacrificing solitude, reflecting Raihan’s emphasis on privacy in the design.

Beyond its visual appeal, Raihan’s architecture is remarkable because of the creative structural solutions he used to optimize airflow, light, and openness. Parallel strip walls that make up the elevation pattern reduce the amount of windows needed while also giving the traditional design a modernistic twist.

Maruf Raihan is a truly phenomenal whose talents extend beyond the field of architecture, even his architectural skills. Raihan is a creative one who can work in various fields from calligraphy to photography and brings his versatile experience to every project.

 Maruf Raihan’s architectural marvel at Shibchar is a brilliant example of both cultural exuberance and superior design. Initially this is his first ever architecture project besides practicing architectural photography for over 9 years. Raihan’s innovative design not only provides a functional living environment for its occupants, but it also weaves a sense of community and legacy into the rich fabric of Bangladeshi culture. The house reflects peace, bond and connection with nature

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