August 2022

SHOWCASE MAGAZINE | August Issue 2022

Seeking the Unknown Within the Known | Syed Iqbal
An Austere Beauty | Navana Ascension
Streamlined Glamour | Badel Heights Renovation
Twisting Out of Stereotypical Ordinary | BSEC Office
Luxury in the midst of Chaos | Sheraton Dhaka
Passion for Detail | Porcelanosa Gulshan Showroom
Cheerful Oriental Fusion | Shiitake
Round Out Your Dining Area with Trendy Essentials
Tracing the Journey of Mr Pencilist
Palok Polli | Rehabilitation Center for Victims
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Showcase Magazine is the first ever architecture, interior design and art magazine in Bangladesh. It is a vibrant monthly celebration of influential names in design and art, innovative projects, design ideas, products, culture etc.

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