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Illuminating Charm

Chandeliers since the dawn of time have been the statement piece in a living room. It serves as the glamour factor to a space. Evolving through time and culture, each chandelier has a story to tell, and in earlier times it was often held onto for generations. Chandeliers tie the interior theme together in a living space.

Arched Layers

1. Arched Layers – The crystal lines formed arch in layers to create an ethereal affect. When illuminated this chandelier from Bister will look gorgeous. Price on request

Sputnik Chandelier

2. Sputnik Chandelier – A distinctive light like this sputnik-style chandelier in your hallway or dining room is a great way to add an eye-catching focus to your home. The stunner from Pure Living would go with a mid-century modern interior. Price: 16,500 BDT

Bloomed Lamps

3. Bloomed Lamps – The classical eight-light one tier chandelier is posing like a blooming flower with eight lamps glowing in diffused light. Get the soothing vintage lamp from Pure Living. Price: 20,000 BDT

Crystal Teardrops

4. Crystal Teardrops – The chandelier looks straight out of a fantasy fiction, ready to put a magical touch to your living space. Thick and long crystal teardrops are hanging from gold branch. Find the enchanting piece from Bister. Price on request

Art Deco Glam

5. Art Deco Glam – Crystals assembled in geometric pattern to form a short cylindrical chandelier radiating sophisticated glamour. The stunning ceiling lamp is from Concetto. Price: 65,000 BDT

Pendant Luminescence

6. Pendant Luminescence – Sumptuous circular pendant light riled up in a circle, rimmed by a golden ring. The striking pendant light from Concetto shimmers through the crystals, illuminating the space. Price: 47,000 BDT

Tube Layered Crystals

7. Tube Layered Crystals – The classy chandelier from Homex features light-reflecting crystals and modern design. The matte black finish gives off a slight gleam, while the rest gives an exquisite outlook. Price: 75,000 BDT

Medieval Rope Light

8. Medieval Rope Light – The antique piece in medieval style from Concetto is suitable for a grungy interior. Ropes hanging from a black iron wheel, with lights illuminating like buds from the rope ends. Price: 28,000 BDT

Ring Globe Light

9. Ring Globe Light – The warm globe lights with ring around it will add a minimalist and modern feel to your space. Having a striking design with sleek details, it is a real eye-catching centerpiece from Pure Living. Price: 18,000 BDT

Mystical Icicle Illumination

10. Mystical Icicle Illumination – Inspired by nature, the chandelier is a representation of icicles hanging from branch, like a tree after an ice storm. The chandelier from Satori shows true craftsmanship. Price: 86,500 BDT

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