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Written by K N Deya

Tucked in a popular and easily accessible corner of Dhanmondi, S’MORES CAFE & RESTAURANT offers a classy fine dining option and delivers exactly what they promise. From the first sight, the establishment makes you anticipate luxury and comfort, and in the fewest words that’s the charm that S’MORES builds on.

Restaurants and cafes are dozen a dime in the Metropolitan that Dhaka City is. Happening areas like Dhanmondi, Banani, Baily Road attracts a significant number of foodies due to the variety of cuisine and dining experience they offer. However, fine dining is an opportunity that you’d be hard to come by. That’s the niche that S’MORES decided to capture.

While sampling the local cuisine in different restaurants abroad, the owner noticed a significant difference between food and beverage services in those places and restaurants in Bangladesh. The goal was hence to establish an eatery that resolved these shortcomings and gave a 100% effort to maintain high-quality service. Thus, S’MORES was born. The restaurant was inaugurated in February 2019.

Why is the restaurant named S’MORES? The owner explained that since the food industry is expanding day by day, the restaurant needed a remarkable name that would help it to stand out amongst the crowd. S’MORES is quite a popular food in the USA and hence the name would be useful for marketing and branding.


3rd floor of Rangs Fortune Square is where you’ll find S’MORES. The lift opens right onto its French glass door entrance. Past the entrance, eyes automatically catch on the luminous statement piece, a gemstone butterfly hung on the wooden wall behind the golden couch for waiting customers. Delicate metal shapes hung from the ceiling over the couch, giving the whole space a very whimsical aura. This area is quite popular for photoshoots and is seen as ‘Instagrammable’. After this space, comes the smoking zone offering a view of Dhanmondi, so it’s also quite popular among the customers who are prone to Instagramming. The bar area opens up next to the smoking zone, and from there, the rest of the restaurant comes into view.

The initial decor theme of butterflies sticks throughout the restaurant, as there are two more butterflies placed in strategic locations around the seating space. On the way to the washroom, one would encounter a neat wall adorned with photos depicting food, culture, lifestyle and philosophy.

Another notable feature of the restaurant is the corner designed for live music performances in case of special occasions. It can also be used by the customers in case of a party. There’s also a 55-inch flat-screen TV so that the customers can enjoy popular TV series or games.

Within 3100 sqft of total space, 350 sqft is dedicated to the kitchen, while 2750 sqft is left to the front desk, bar and seating area. The restaurant can seat 82 people, the space divided cleverly to accommodate families, couples or even small party groups simultaneously.

Instead of going with a specific theme, the restaurant has a minimal yet stylish luxurious interior. Both imported and local materials were used for design in this restaurant. Lighting and decor items were imported and handpicked by the owner while seating tables, chairs, couches, settees were made locally with the finest quality materials.

Despite the comfortable and posh seating, gleaming wood and mesmerizing decor, the award for the showstopper surely goes to the lighting in this restaurant. It is the first this that would make a customer go speechless as they take a look around. The restaurant is littered with a variety of lighting fixtures. A big wave of triangular flute lights hangs over the seating tables, reminiscent of a swarm of fireflies. Stylish chandeliers are set on top of the settees. All the table tops are mirrored, amplifying the play of lights to a dreamy ambience.

As promised, S’MORES gives their best to provide you with a memorable fine dining experience. They offer continental food and European delicacies such as seafood chowder, chicken cordon bleu, Salmon, chicken alfredo pasta, and beverages like espresso, affogato, white hot chocolate, sunriser, detox etc. This gourmet food, coupled with artistic plating, a relaxed interior and posh ambience surely do satiate anyone looking for fine dining.

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