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Enthralled by Digital Art – Artist Insight

Digital art is the artistic work deeply admired by architect and visual artist Fahad Rahman.  The artist uses digital technology to depict his creative and thoughtful presentations. According to him, digital art has created a vast expansion of the creative sphere; that it has greatly broadened the creative opportunities available to professional and non-professional artists alike.


The artist opens up and shares his inner-self, experiences, his philosophies, his likings and much more.


When did you start doing artworks and what initiated you to be in this field?
I am into art since childhood. My parents have had always inspired and supported my fascination with art. I explored various mediums during school days, like charcoal, pencils, watercolours and oil colours. But while growing up, I had a huge pause in art practicing from 2010 to 2017.  During my university days, I started over again practicing and worked on a few artworks.

What kind of art do you most identify with and what themes do you pursue?
I am doing digital art mostly these days. Though, sometimes I use mixed media too. There is no specific theme I follow. I draw or paint whatever is bugging into my mind, sometimes it might be a day-to-day incident or sometimes it might be an opinion that suddenly came up into my mind. But mostly, I try to draw to relax my mind and soul; it works as both meditation and medication for me.


What inspired you to develop this specific style of art?

I am a big fan of watercolour and oil paintings. So, these two mediums’ specific styles influence me much. Whenever I am not painting using these two mediums and paint digitally; I am pretty much biased to maintain the likeliness of a hand-painted job.


Which medium do you prefer the most?
I prefer digital media and find most comfortable using a mouse. I am not much comfortable with graphic pad or tablets.


What is the most important artist tool for you?

The most important tool for me is the fountain pen, something that I can’t live without in my studio. 

Who is your favourite artist or is there someone you look up to in the world of art?

Leonardo Da Vinci’s versatility inspires me. His knowledge in so many subjects is truly an inspiration. Among recent artists, I admire Pascal Campion’s works immensely.


Can you share with us a story behind one of your significant work that you would cherish lifelong?
It was the presentation of my final year thesis project on campus. I took a huge risk by not following traditional architectural presentations that were practiced in the department back then. Rather, I followed a very rusty and artistic comic book illustration style which was luckily appreciated.

As an artist, do you ever go through an ‘artist block’? If so, how do you overcome it?

Always! Very frequently I go through artist block. I do probably three or four works or sometimes even less, and can feel the blocks. I usually become very much depressed and frustrated in this stage, because painting, scribbling or drawing acts like oxygen to me. I overcome it by giving a total break; I try to divert my mind to do something else like reading books, watching movies or serials etc.


Tell us about your future plans regarding the field of art?

I want to practice various art forms and traditional styles of every nook and corner of the earth. There is so much to learn, and life is too short. I want to explore as many places as I can and learn about their culture, art and crafts.

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