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Magical Metal

Written by Tasmiah Chowdhury

When you start a new business project or want to move on to a whole new level with your life experiences, it is best to bring the metal feng shui element in your space. The addition of the metal element to your home or office décor will bring in the type of energy that would help you focus.

Let’s take a look at various suggestions of perfect décor items, meanwhile taking tips from architect Muhammad Ariful Islam, CEO of Zero Inch Interior’s Ltd, for the best ideas that express the energy of the feng shui metal.

Wall paint in metal element colour
One of the easiest ways to bring the metal feng shui element into your home is by applying paint onto the walls. You can use grays or whites that represent the metal colour as well as metallic colours like bronze and gold to bring the energy of metal into space.


Metallic decor items
Whenever you feel like you need more clarity and focus, bring in some metal in your home or workspace. You can bring the strong presence of the metal element into a room with popular decorative pieces like vases, dishes or bowls.

“Group several vases or select a big vase that has a strong presence to create a focal point in space.

You can also go for several photo frames in the same or similar metal colours or finishes and also wind chimes, metallic Buddha, artwork and flatware that depict the metal element”, suggests Ar. Ariful Islam.

Metallic colour textiles
You can bring metallic energy into a room without physically displaying a metallic object. One of the fun ways to do this is through beautiful accessories.

Pillows, throws, rugs or curtains in the metal element colours can be a pleasant way to bring good feng shui in your home. Go for natural fabrics, such as silk, velvet and you can also use fabrics with metallic ornamentation or threading too.

Make space airy with minimal decor
Wind is also associated with the metal element, so having a space that feels airy is something beneficial. In terms of design, be thoughtful of balance when incorporating this element into your decor. Clean lines and minimal decor, sleek and small scale furniture reflects the elegance and class of the metal element.

Incorporating circular and round shapes
The round shape in feng shui decor is an expression of the metal feng shui element. Circular decor items bring the clarity, freshness and equality into your home that is the essence of the metal feng shui element.

Ar. Ariful Islam prefers round table as the best shape for a table for homes and businesses, as it’s the shape that allows for a free, fresh and equal flow of energy between family or business members. The round shape activates one’s energy and keeps it going even though expressed subtly.

A balanced space requires proper placement of things. Now that you know how to incorporate the metal feng shui element, use this element to optimize the flow of chi in your place.

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