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It is often said that morning shows the day. In the same way, the entryway or foyer of a house sets the mood for the rest of the home. Whether you have a spacious foyer or just a strip of wall as an entryway, it should always be a space that is both functional and beautiful.

In our country, often there is no particular space dedicated as the entryway, and as a result anyone who steps in can see all the rooms of the apartment at a glance, which poses a security threat as well as make both the guest and host uneasy. Putting up a shoe rack or cabinet will encourage a guest to take off his shoes without prompting. A mirror works to make the foyer look bigger, while a partition may provide privacy as well as act as a component of the décor. Aesthetically speaking, the foyer acts as a transition from the exterior to the interior of a home, it is important to welcome a guest and give both the guest and the host a slice of time to prepare.

To turn a drab entryway into a functional space, plenty of measures can be taken. A lot of people rent houses nowadays, so permanent changes may not be possible. In this case, installing smart and simple furniture may be the best option. Retail furniture store Bohu introduces furniture that are suitable for small spaces, as the perfect solution for urban life. They’re introducing modular furniture which complement each other, so that even while going from one rented house to another, interior décor is easy to maintain. They offer practical shoe cabinets, stylish mirrors that also offer space to hang essentials such as keys, bags and sunglasses. Some of their products are multipurpose and can be proven useful in any corner of the house.

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