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A Nomad’s Spread

Errante in Chattogram, designed by the architectural firm, Cubeinside, is a multi-cuisine restaurant cum lounge which portrays the essence of a nomad. A traveler’s spirit, perpetually seeking to explore, understands the richness of a new culture through its food. It is metaphoric to a traveler who roams seeking to feed his soul.

Errante evokes the Hodophile spirit in you, as you walk into the rustic eatery.

The restaurant is a classic example of less is more. Khandaker Ashifuzzaman Rajon, Md. Shakhawat Hossain Rocky, Md. Sharifuzzaman Sajal, Ahmed Firoj Ul Hoque Robin, the team of Cubeinside, had Errante speak volumes through its unique elements. Errante takes pride not in its newness but how the place will gracefully age over time, become more rustic and loved by the day. The foyer area foreshadows the décor theme of the restaurant. Yellow being the pop of colour running through the restaurant, shows a glimpse at the entry door, as the handle to it. Beside it is a statement wall highlighting the name of the restaurant.

The first sight that one notices upon entering the restaurant is the bicycle. The bicycle hung upon a massive yellow brick wall on a rustic metal sheet in the indoor restaurant is symbolic of a traveler’s voyage. Hence, bicycle has a command over the theme of the décor. Rest of the walls stretch as exposed brick wall in white which are adorned with silhouettes. The silhouettes are image of all the places based on which the cuisines of the restaurant have been set.

Moving forward, comes the noticeable pop of color, yellow, amid the fairly neutral colour palette, consisting of grey, black and brown.  Lined up in symmetry are black hanging lamps with yellow insides. The whole interior is very cohesively decorated, making it very soothing to the eyes. Grey exposed pillars have the same yellow handles that the entry door has. An accent wall that is brightly exposed to the customers is the yellow wall with the writing “Eat Well Travel Often”. The very quote defines what the theme of the restaurant is all about, and sets the mood for it.

A traveler’s diary in the form of a cozy section in the indoor restaurant is curated in warm hues to evoke a sense of nostalgia. The raised floor of wooden tiling, welcomes a brown wooden coffee table at the center. Plush leather couch surrounds the table, making it a cozy corner. Adding depth to the corner is the gallery wall filled with travel photos of the owners; all in sepia colour to complement the overall warm brown tone of the space.

The restaurant accommodates a roof top lounge which is a bit of a twist to the indoor restaurant. Even more rustic and raw is the rooftop, giving a scope for breathers and a sight to take in. All the wood work that went into making the deck, staircase and benches were bought from junkyards. The woods were previously used for river decks. Since the woods are old, they’re therefore heavily seasoned giving a more worn out look, not only enhancing the aesthetic but also saving the environment.

The rooftop holds two long stretched patios under which the seating area has been arranged. The lounge is made out of wooden benches with long table; a quintessence of outdoor seating arrangement. Surrounding the open space are plants. The very openness of it, the feeling that the natural elements like the plants and wooden surfaces evoke, is reminiscent of an explorer’s spirit— free and grounded.

One can hear the rustling leaves on a windy day, while getting lost in the panoramic top view.

Errante is that go to place for fine dining and lounging, to awake the traveler in you.

Photography by Maruf Raihan, Khandaker Ashifuzzaman

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